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Are you planning your next family camping trip? Looking for a tent that's super quick and easy to set up? If you have kids, you'll know that a peaceful family getaway can quickly become a stressful, anxiety-ridden debacle!

For this reason, you need a tent that's simple to pitch so that you have one less difficult task on your hands. That's where the Vango Capri 500 XL tent comes in. 

From the key features to the pros and cons, this Vango Capri 500 XL review has everything you need to know about this fabulous tent. If we've piqued your interest, be sure to read on to find out if this is the best air tent for you!

Who is the Vango Capri 500 XL made for?

First and foremost, the Vango Capri 500xl tent is a family tent. Due to its sheer size, you can comfortably fit five people inside. This is a seriously spacious tent. Not only is it big, but you actually get lots of room per person. 

The total interior area is 19.2m, and the area per person is 3.2m. Impressive! The living space offers 8.8 square metres which means you have plenty of room for eating, relaxing or entertaining the kids. This is the ultimate family tent, spacious and easy to pitch!

What type of tent is it?

The Vango Capri 500xl is from the inflatable tents group which means instead of regular poles, it has air beams. However, this particular model is actually a hybrid. This is because the pole that supports the porch is a standard fibreglass pole, whereas the rest of the tent is supported by air beams.

It's been designed to have three separate rooms - the generous living space and two sleeping areas. It also has a removable divider if you wanted to open the sleeping areas into one larger space.


The Vango Capri 500xl has pretty impressive specifications:

Key features

One of the key features of this tent is the air beams. As mentioned above, there are 4 air beams and one fibreglass pole. You may be worried about the beams puncturing, but don't be! They are tough and hardwearing, not easily puncturable. 

If you'd like a more detailed look at the key features of this tent, we cover a lot of them in the next section!

In-depth look


The overall design makes for a super spacious and roomy tent. It's without a doubt the perfect tent for a family or group camping trip.

It could even be used by a couple for a more luxurious camping experience, particularly if you're heading out on a longer trip.


The ventilation in this tent comes from the vents. There's one vent under the porch, just above the front door. The door itself is enormous and features mesh so you get excellent airflow, perfect for summer camping! 

You also get vents underneath the big windows and they're designed with velcro stiffeners, allowing you to keep them open at all times.


The materials are one of the critical features of this tent. The fire retardant fabrics surpass the European EN5912 Safety Standard. The Sentinel Dura fabric has also been specially designed and manufactured to improve the performance of the tent without adding any additional weight.

Vango also introduced Colourlok technology into their 500xl tent. This meant a 30% stronger material and an impressive 4,000 HH waterproof rating, creating one of the leading tents on the market. When the time comes to clean the tent, you can rest assured it won't fall apart with a hard scrub!


At first, the price may seem a bit steep for a tent. But when you consider the vast amount of features that it offers, it becomes clear that this tent does offer excellent value for money. 

The generous living space, superior fabrics, and excellent ventilation systems all come together to make your camping experience more comfortable and enjoyable.


The durability of this tent is second to none. The fully taped seams create a watertight seal so you don't have to worry about being caught in those spring showers. 

It's also been fully tested in wind and rain to standard ENISO5912, so you can be sure it's perfectly suitable for typical wet and windy British weather.

Quick to Put Away

It's safe to say one of the most attractive features of this tent is how quick it is to put away. When you have kids, you have to watch them all of the time, so having a tent that's easy to pack away will be a lifesaver.

It even comes with an expandable carry bag. The wide opening makes it even easier to put the tent away and the tough compression straps pack the tent down to an even smaller size.

Tent Layout 

As we mentioned previously, the Vango 500 is a 3-room design with a spacious living area and two "bedrooms."

However, if you prefer, the toggled inner divider allows you to switch up the sleeping areas. Create more privacy or remove it altogether for a larger sleeping space.

Extra Features

The SkyTrack II is a super useful hanging system that means you can hang lighting or extra storage options in your tent. 

The front & rear storm anchors also provide secure guying at both ends of the tent, giving you reassurance in windy weather that your tent won't get blown away into the distance!

The Air 500xl also features a groundsheet that's completely sewn in. This makes your camping trip even more comfortable by keeping out insects and draughts. The groundsheet and the flysheet are integrated and also feature a storm skirt to give extra protection.

Handy pockets also provide storage solutions for your valuable items and possessions.

Pros and Cons of the Vango Capri 500XL tent


  • Reliable and durable design
  • Comfortable and spacious
  • Perfect 3-season tent
  • Superior quality materials
  • Excellent storage options
  • Other great features include the double action pump which allows you to inflate your tent with minimum effort. The TBS II tension band system is another ingenious feature. This ensures your tent remains strong and stable in blustery conditions. 
  • The attached canopy provides the perfect space for outdoor dining when the weather is nice. The generous peak height and huge windows also give a more spacious and luxurious feeling.


  • At nearly 50 pounds, it is on the heavy side. However, this is to be expected for a tent this size. This isn't a backpacking tent either, so it's unlikely you'll be moving from one location to the next. 
  • The sleeping areas are quite compact. But since these areas will only be used overnight, it shouldn't be too much of an issue.
  • Because it doesn't have ceiling mesh, it may not be ideal for very hot climates. However, for camping in the great British outdoors it's a perfect choice.

Final thoughts

Overall, this is a feature-packed, reliable and tough tent that's likely to serve you well for many camping seasons. Many people tend to go for either this or the Air 600 from Eurohike; check out our Eurohike Air 600 review to compare and contrast the two models

Although it can be used in hotter weather, this tent is more suitable for mild, wet British weather, and it'll prove to be incredibly reliable! 


Does the Vango Capri 500 XL come with a pump?

Yes, the double action pump is included in your purchase. This pump will allow you to blow the AirBeam structure up effortlessly. The ergonomic design also gives you a comfortable grip, making an easy process even easier!

The AirBeam system also provides a strong and stable structure, unlike poles which can potentially bend and break.

Are these tents waterproof?

In a word, yes! The Sentinel Dura fabric has been expertly developed to improve performance, without adding extra weight. 

The superior 4,000 HH waterproof rating will keep you completely dry should you get caught in a surprise shower. ColourLok technology also provides UV resistance.

What is the best air tent to buy?

If you're looking to purchase an inflatable tent, the Vango Capri 500xl is an excellent choice. The spacious living area and the superb Sentinel Dura waterproof fabric makes this tent perfect for all outdoor pursuits.

Are the Vango Capri II tents any good?

Yes, the Vango Capri Air 500XL is an excellent tent and is perfect for family camping. Excellent value for money, this tent will last longer than other cheaper quality tents, reducing the need to purchase a new tent each season. 

In the long run, this could save you money, not to mention being far more convenient!

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