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The Euro Hike 600 is a tent that is definitely worth considering if you are looking for convenience. 

Not only does it come with an excellent retail price, but it's one of the best high-performing tents on the market. Allowing you to reduce the time it takes to pitch your tent thanks to impressive air tubes, you'll have plenty of time to sit back and relax in a matter of minutes.

Picture of the Eurohike Air 600

Offering fantastic weatherproofing, this tent is ideal for all types of weather conditions. Whether you're camping high up in the mountains and need to be shielded from wind, or you're camping in the rain - this is the tent for you.

Large enough for the entire family to sleep in, this model includes a well-ventilated bedroom that can be split into two. It also comes with a range of additional features inclusive of fold-away doors, internal pockets, and various pegging points for stability.

And, you'll be pleased to know that when your camping trip has come to an end, you just need to open the spring-loaded valves. Your tent will be deflated in seconds and can be easily packed away to go back into the car.

If you're considering buying the Eurohike Air 600, read our complete guide below to learn everything you need to know about what it can offer you, and why some consider it to be the best airbeam tent.

Who is the Eurohike Air 600 made for?

This is an ideal tent for any family or large group as it offers ample space inside and is quick to pitch.

The Eurohike Air 600 is a great-quality tent that offers total weatherproofing, which means you can take it just about anywhere! It's suitable for anybody that is looking for convenience; if you're a hiker, this could be an ideal tent for stopping over and catching some rest before moving on to the next location.

The tent is a great family base-camp for weekends away and extended holidays. It has enough space to fit everyone's belongings inside and so much more. The internal pockets allow for storage of smaller items too, including accessories and items you may need to bring with you or include in your living space.

There is no right or wrong answer as to who is this model is made for. It is SO versatile; it can be used by anybody and everybody. Whether you're looking for a new tent for the festival going with your friends or you want a family tent, the Air 600 is worth considering. While you're doing your air tent research, don't miss our Vango Capri 500 XL review for a comparison.

It's a great option for those that are looking to buy a tent that falls in the mid-budget region. At the cost you'll pay, you will benefit from a complete weatherproof structure and get to spend less time pitching!

Air Tent Specification

EUROHIKE Air 600 Tent Specifications

When it comes to the specs of the Eurohike Air 600, they're pretty impressive! 

As far as tents this size go, the Eurohike has plenty to offer. The dimensions offer a pleasant amount of space at 465cm (L) x 385cm (W) x 21. As mentioned, this makes it an ideal choice for families that are looking for a solid tent to take on holidays.

The Eurohike Air also has a bedroom divider which is highly convenient should you be holidaying with a larger group. You can even use the divider to free up space to store your belongings separately from where you'll sleep, too.

We rate this tent as one of the best in terms of its weatherproofing too. With a 4000 HH flysheet, the Eurohike Air 600 tent can withstand heavy rain and even snow. The HH groundsheet is completely sewn in and is seam-taped to provide further weatherproofing, too.

For electrical hook-ups, the tent has a hook-up point so you can connect where needed. It also comes with a secure door panel allowing you to rest assured when leaving belongings behind in the tent. The door's adjustable pegging points allow you to adjust the set-up of your tent to your own preference.

Of course, the highlight of this particular model and its USP are its air valves which give the Eurohike Air 600 tent its name. The air tube frame is constructed using a double-efficiency pump for simple inflation. And, in just a few minutes, the tent can be easily taken down, too. The quick-release air valves are high-performing - meaning you'll never encounter any issues with set up or putting it away after use.

Key Features of the Eurohike Air 600 Tent

If you want a quick overview of what to expect from the Air 600, we've created just that below! Here's a complete list of the key features of the Air 600:


With an easy-to-pitch design, the Euro Hike 600 has a unique construction that utilizes air tubes. Enhanced in its construction, the Air 600 is simply inflated, and the spring-loaded valves allow you to deflate your tent in just minutes, too.

This is a great tent using high-performance air tubes for inflation, and it can accommodate up to 6 people. If you're looking for an all-rounder that boasts versatility, this is it - as it can be used for camping adventures and hikers alike.


The weatherproofing features of the Air 600 tent are exceptional, with details like roll away doors and a fully waterproof and breathable bedroom compartment. 

The polyester inner is further supported with a 4000HH flysheet, which can withstand even the worst rain. And, should you be planning to use the inflatable tent in snowy conditions, you'll be happy to know it features a 3000HH groundsheet which is seam-taped for extra security.

Ease of Use

You won't find an easier to pitch 6 man tent, in fact, we would argue it's one of the most convenient on the market. Quick assembly means you can keep the pack in the boot of your car and set it up any time you need.

Whether you have a trip planned or want to go on an impromptu one, the tent is fool-proof to pitch and definitely worth the money, which brings us to the next point.


In terms of value, the Eurohike 600 ticks all the boxes.

Offering a completely weatherproof place to sleep for up to 6 people, the tent is great for families and larger groups. The revolutionary design of the tent minimizes stress for camping trips, allowing you to pitch quickly and enjoy the activities that you have planned.

What's more, is that the tent comes with a high-quality fly sheet and additional features such as a pocket organizer internally.


If you're wondering about this tent's durability, let us tell you that this model is going to stand the test of time!

Composed of durable polyester as well as being further weatherproofed, you won't have any issues even in heavy rain. If durability concerns you, you'll also be pleased to find out that this tent comes with a repair kit too.

Quick to Put Away

The tent is so easy to take down and put away thanks to its spring-loaded, quick-release air valves that deflate the tent in a matter of seconds. You'll spend around 5 minutes packing the tent away and can have it in your boot before you've even finished your morning's cup of coffee!

Tent Layout

With the main door and a big bedroom compartment that can be split into two, this tent carries a pretty standard layout. It's an ideal option for up to 6 people, and it's fantastic if you're a taller person as you will find you can stand up straight while inside, too.

The front doors of this model can be folded up for convenience, and there are storage compartments located inside. It is easy to set up the extra bedroom compartment too, so even last minute you can alter the layout of your tent to suit your needs.

Extra Features

The Eurohike Air 600 comes with a handy repair kit to fix any punctures or issues that may occur after purchase. This brings about peace of mind for those that might find themselves in a less than fortunate situation. It also has a double efficiency pump included, so you won't have to worry about buying this separately!

Our Verdict

The Eurohike Air 600 is a solid family tent that can be used all over the country. 

No matter rain or shine, you can rest assured that this model will protect you from the elements with its construction. 

Of course, the biggest attraction of this fantastic tent is the double-efficiency pump which inflates the tent in a matter of minutes. And, it's as easy to deflate, too! If you're looking for a quick pitching tent that has ample space inside for the family, this could be the perfect tent for you.

For a slightly smaller family, read our review of the Coleman Valdes 4, another popular inflatable tent.


Have you still got some questions about the Eurohike Air 600?

We've answered the most commonly asked questions below for you. Whether you're wondering about accessories or want to learn more about this model's construction, read on!

Does the Eurohike Air 600 come with a pump?

Yes, the speedy inflation of this tent is brought about with the double-efficiency hand pumps that are included.

It also comes in a lightweight pack size so that you can carry the pack anywhere you wish with ease. Because the tube frame uses double pumps, you won't have to worry about bringing along a hand pump with you.

All you need to do once the tent is inflated is ensure that the roundwire pegs are in place.

Are Eurohike tents waterproof?

This particular Eurohike tent is built to withstand even the heaviest rain - no matter where you're camping!

The Eurohike 600 offers exceptional protection against the rain thanks to its excellent waterproof performance and ventilation. It's impossible for water to penetrate this tent due to its impressive 4000HH rating.

What is the best air tent to buy?

The Eurohike Air 600 is one of the best air tents to buy as it requires little effort to pitch.

All you have to do is unpack the tent, and the pumps will get to work to inflate the tent's frame. You'll have somewhere to rest your head and relax in just a few minutes after doing so. This model is also as easy to deflate, too - simply release the spring.

Are Eurohike tents any good?

Eurohike tents offer excellent quality for money and are built to for use throughout the year. They are designed to be very weatherproof, so you can take them with you just about anywhere.

Inflatable tents offer far more convenience than ones that have to be pitched manually, so you'll find yourself saving time and energy when you choose to buy a Eurohike model.

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