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There comes a time when the family tent needs an upgrade. The camping trip is becoming increasingly difficult and more room would be ideal - some would even go as far as to say necessary.

That is where the Coleman Vades 4 comes in! The ultimate in camping life. It's giving you blackout bedrooms so the children won't be woken up by sunlight far too early (that also goes for you).

Coleman AirValdes 4 Review

Coleman knows that families need a living area of decent size to have space for not only their things but also to spread out when the weather isn't great. Nobody wants to be tripping over each other and you won't have to with 4.5m squared of living room space to use in the Valdes - one reason why it's known as one of the best air tents.

So let's have a look at these features plus many more in a tent review of the new Valdes 4 tent. 

Coleman FastPitch AirValdes 4 Tent

Coleman has made the process of erecting a tent blazingly quick and easy with fastpitch air technology. 

The Valdes 4 can be put up by one person within 10 minutes - how many tents can claim that? 

To achieve this, there is an inflatable pole system. This has a high-pressure valve to facilitate quick inflation and deflation. A great thing about the poles is that they are constructed using TPU material, this is strong and very durable. 

The air poles and guy ropes will hold up against strong or high winds and you should not experience any buckling. 

The Coleman FastPitch Air Valdes 4 has an absolutely brilliant feature and this is the blackout bedroom. Perhaps a feature we will see more when it comes to doing a tent review as it seems something more tents should have. 

Coleman FatPitch AirValdes 4 Tent

99% of daylight will be blocked out by this blackout material and the tent bedroom sleeping area is completely lined with it. So gone are the days of being woken up at 5 am by the sun. 

If you are considering the Coleman as a family tent, this blackout bedrooms feature also means the children can be put to bed at any time and the light won't affect them.

Providing a form of temperature control, the blackout lining helps keep the bedrooms around 5 degrees cooler during the day time and one degree warmer during the night time.

The rooms are huge. The living space is bigger than what some people have at home. This living area can take a full height camping table and chairs. Also leave enough room to store any equipment at night, without feeling cramped. 

Huge Room - Coleman AirValdes 4

Overall the space inside is really roomy, this is because the Coleman FastPitch Air Valdes 4 is really quite tall and due to the air beams, this isn't an issue with stability. At the highest point in the tent, it will accommodate somebody 6'6" tall, so this should be good enough for a lot of people. Our Eurohike Air 600 review offers a similar tent for comparison on this count.

If you are taking the family away camping then there are a few considerations. Namely, zippers and groundsheets. Helpfully the Coleman has you covered on both fronts. It has childproof zipper stoppers as well as a sewn-in polyethylene groundsheet. 

Something worth noting is the tent is made from fire retardant material. 

Coleman AirValdes 4 Tent

A bit of luxury in a tent but why not? The Coleman Valdes 4 comes with a hinged door as the front door. If you think about it, forever unzipping and climbing over the door to a tent just isn't fun. Imagine just pushing the tent doors and they swing open? That's what you get with this tent. As well as being nice to have, the hinged door also helps to keep a cleaner tent and bug-free with the polyester flysheet.


  • Capacity: 4 Person
  • Rooms: 3
  • Sleeping space: 5.9 m2
  • Living space: 4.5 m2
  • Porch: 5.4 m2
  • Weight: 20.8 kg
  • Packed size: 78 x 58 x 38 cm
Coleman FastPich AirValdes 4 - Layout
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Key Features

1. Blackout Bedroom Lining

Giving you total freedom to sleep whenever or for how long you want to. This also helps to stop any ultraviolet rays from coming through. Genuinely a feature that should be on more tents! 

AirValdes 4 Tent - Blackout Bedroom Lining

2. Large Porch Area

Being able to sit outside while it's raining is not something you can usually do when camping. However, with this tent, you can. The porch area is sheltered from cold air and rain so you can review your day, watching the world go by, and even cook a meal while it's raining.

For a comparison to removable porches, look at our Berghaus Air Porch review.

Coleman FastPitch AirValdes 4 - Large Porch Area

3. Ease of setting up

The fact it is an air tent means it is incredibly easy to erect. Taking the family on holiday can be tricky and knowing it can be left to one person to set up the tent is going to take the weight of people's minds. 

AirValdes 4 Tent - Setting Up

4. Swing Door

It may not have a side door (though it has side windows) but the door at the front is a real winner. Being able to gracefully step out of your tent after a blissful night's sleep is something everyone wants and thanks to Coleman, something you can have. 

5. Totally waterproof

You won't see a drop of rain inside this model unless it is through your own making. Being able to sleep knowing you're not going to wake up to a tent full of condensation is fantastic. There is never anything nice about that experience. 

Our Verdict

The fastpitch air tent from Coleman is everything you could want when it comes to a tent.

It has two bedroom compartment areas. The wind and rain are kept out. Within the tent, there is ample storage for things such as pieces of cooking equipment as there are lots of storage pockets to house such things.

So much living area you could feel like you're back at home. Ideal for families. It's a strong competitor to other premium tents, for example take a look at our review of the Berghaus Air 4 for our opinion on a comparative tent.

When it comes to camping with the family this gets a high rating and our seal of approval. A Coleman tent will see you through many camping years and is a worthy investment. The quality is exceptional and the thought surrounding functionality is outstanding. 

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