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Alan is our resident expert on all things wild camping. He loves nothing better than to get out of the house with just his ex-Army sleeping gear and a stove, and head off to the remotest spot he can find near his home on the south coast of the UK.
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Are you an outdoors person? Do you love camping trips in the summer and autumn? You're not alone.

Thousands of people flock to the hills, lakes, and valleys at this time of year to escape stress and pressure and to enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the countryside.

But outdoor life isn't always a walk in the park - there are key challenges to overcome; the weather, for one thing, insects for another. Luckily, big outdoor brand Berghaus has developed smart technology to handle some of nature's discomforts.

The latest item in their revolutionary air range is the Berghaus Air Shelter.

This is not a Berghaus Air Tent, as such. Instead, it's a tent-like shelter you can use to make your time in the great outdoors more comfortable and more enjoyable. Let us take you through a review of the Berghaus Air Shelter.

First Glance

The Berghaus Air Shelter (1)
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Sometimes a one-person tent is not enough, and you need some extra shelter to cover a picnic table or stand under when the rain comes on. That's why Berghaus developed the handy Air Shelter.

It works exactly like a modern one-person tent. You peg it and inflate the air beams with a pump. The difference is the Air Shelter doesn't have a groundsheet for sleeping on. Instead, it gives you a living area for your daytime campsite.

With its four doors zipped down and closed, you could easily mistake the Berghaus Air Shelter for a one-size tent at a campsite or a festival. But it is slightly different from a one-person tent.

Inside is a spacious area that can easily handle a picnic table and some chairs. Look up, and you will notice skylights flooding the area with natural light allowing you to the starry sky at night.

When the rain starts, but it isn't time to sleep, or you want to enjoy the landscape from an insect-free tent location, you'll be glad you read our review and got a Berghaus Air Shelter!

Features and Specifications

The Berghaus Air Shelter has a revolutionary design, evident in its many key features and specifications. Instead of clumsy tent poles, this air shelter inflates and deflates in seconds with a pump, giving you more time at your site and less frustration.

It also features quick-release air pressure valves and high-performance TPU beams. This not only ensures the shelter stays upright and stable but it also speeds up the deflation process - giving you the best of both worlds.

When you're under the Air Shelter on a beautiful day, you don't want to miss out on your surroundings; thankfully, you don't have to with the Berghaus Air Shelter windows.

With its convenient sky light roof panels and mesh panels, you can let the light in and keep the rain out - letting you enjoy your camping holiday in style.

The shelter also features windows and curtains with insect screens, fully fire-retardant material, and generous bag dimensions (75 x 35 x 34 cm). Like all Berghaus products, it's tested to the European standard and is European EN 5912 safety approved.

How to Use

The Berghaus Air Shelter is super easy to use - that is part of its revolutionary design!

Don't be without this excellent product when you head off camping this summer or if you need a garden shelter for a party or BBQ. To set it up, you simply pitch and inflate it with a pump.

You will first peg the rings on the shelter base to the ground - the way you would pitch any conventional one-size tent. The shelter delivery includes supporting guyline cords that secure after inflation.

Once pegged, use the two-way double efficiency stirrup pump or pressure gauge pump to inflate the shelter. You're all set! Taking the shelter down couldn't be easier. Simply open the quick-release air valves and let the shelter deflate. Then, unpeg it and roll it back up.

The Berghaus Air Shelter Performance


One-size tent poles are now a thing of the past! At one time, they were the best structural solution for a one-person tent, but today, inflatable tents are more convenient and reliable.

Unlike tent poles, they don't snap and rust over the years. They are also more flexible when it comes to high winds. If you're concerned the air beams might split for some reason, you needn't be - the shelter delivery comes with an easy pressure repair kit.

Onto the durability of the material. That's all-important when you're living outside in the elements!

The Berghaus Air Shelter uses 6000 mm HH material that lives up to the EN 5912 safety standard review. It gives it quality and strength as well as high resistance to water absorption.


The Berghaus Air Shelter is super portable with most one-size tents, but it is far easier to pack! Forget about struggling with your blue one-person tent for an hour before you leave the site with half of it hanging out rucksack - the inflatable air shelter is much simpler.

Firstly, you don't have any tent poles to worry about. Then all you have to do is open the inlet valves, and the whole shelter deflates. One or two people can then roll it up.


You don't want your shelter from the rain to start letting in the water while you stand under it. It defeats the purpose. When it comes to water-resistant material, the Berghaus Air Tent is a leading brand.

In all of Berghaus's inflatable one-person tents and shelters, you get a high hydrostatic blue material. The Air Shelter has 6000 mm HH -this is the level of rainwater it can handle before the blue material starts letting.

Needless to say, this level is significant for the Air Shelter, giving you perfect confidence in the product and its EN 5912 safety standard. It is also fire retardant tested and ideal for festivals and wild camping.


You can expect to pay around £350 for this product depending on where you buy it. However, some retailers might charge a higher price, and others may sometimes offer a discount code.

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Compatibility With Tents

Unlike the Berghaus Air Porch, the Berghaus Air Shelter is not designed to seamlessly fit onto other Berghaus Air tent products. Why? Well, the air shelter has a different purpose; it's for creating additional outdoor living space.

That said, there's no reason why you can't set up the Air Shelter beside your tent and use it as a porch. This is sensible if your tent doesn't have windows or isn't part of the Berghaus Air range.

Most reviews say that the Air Shelter is not directly compatible with other brand tents, but it can extend the tent functionality with its open doors.

Why You Should Use the Berghaus Air Shelter

Why You Should Use the Berghaus Air Shelter

If you love the outdoors, you will love the Berghaus Air Shelter!

Outdoor shelters are wonderful and often necessary, but that doesn't mean they are always convenient. When the rain comes on it's not so easy to tunnel yourself inside your tent doors.

Having a Berghaus Air Shelter set up on your site is one way to solve these impracticalities. The Air Shelters are fast inflatable tents for dining under or sheltering from the rain. They also benefit from a skylight and insect screens on the doors.

Picture the scene - you're camped at the shore of our favourite lake, and the sun is going down. Unfortunately, there's no way to protect yourself from insect bites and still enjoy the beautiful scenery unless you have an Air Shelter. So set up some chairs and zip down the insect screen - you're all set!

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Check Best Price Now!


Are Berghaus Air Tents Any Good?

It's normal for people to be a little skeptical of Air Tent technology; after all, many aren't used to seeing air beams used as tent poles.

However, these are quality tents compared to poled tents. Poles rust and can be damaged by the wind, but tears in air tent mesh doors are rare - this product also comes with a repair kit.

Berghaus' Air 4, Air 6, and Air 8 tents are among their best.

Are Air Tents Better Than Pole Tents?

In many ways, a Berghaus Air Tent is the future of camping because of its advantages over traditional pole pitch tents.

They are super easy to set up, unlike pole pitching tents, and last longer because there are no poles to rust. Remember to preserve the tent quality with proper drying and storage.

Is the Berghaus Air Shelter Waterproof?

The Berghaus Air Shelter is highly waterproof. It features a 6000 mm hydrostatic head material giving it a superior level of water resistance.

Standing or dining under a Berghaus Air Shelter is one of the driest ways to spend a rainy camping trip in the great outdoors.

Final Thoughts

If you plan to head to a festival this summer or love the outdoors in general, you might consider some additional space at your chosen site. Sometimes tent features aren't enough for a picnic with your family or to snap an insect-free sunset image for social media.

A Berghaus Air Shelter isn't a tent! Most reviews call it a shelter! It doesn't have a groundsheet and isn't suitable for laying down sleeping bags. Another downside of the Air Shelter is the added load to your camping pack - then again, it does fit snugly into a fully taped -75 x 35 x 34cm- carry bag.

If you need additional space and protection, there are no reasons not to invest in a Berghaus Air Shelter. This shelter pitches in minutes and serves you well.

It's convenient, giving you great options to enhance your camping holiday. Just take a look at the excellent website reviews and delivery options available!

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Berghaus Air Shelter Review


Alan is our resident expert on all things wild camping. He loves nothing better than to get out of the house with just his ex-Army sleeping gear and a stove, and head off to the remotest spot he can find near his home on the south coast of the UK. Read More

alan jakeman in snow
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