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Are you looking for a great way to add more room to your Berghaus air tent? Do you want to set up a safe cooking area for your next camping holiday? Are you wondering if a tent porch will enhance your trip? A Berghaus Air Porch may very well be the addition you are looking for.

But how does the Berghaus Porch stand up when compared to competitors and is it truly worth investing in? Find answers to this and more in our in-depth review below!

The Berghaus Air Porch Performance


The design of the Berghaus Air Porch is something that other camping brands should try to copy. Featuring spring-loaded quick-release air valves offering an incredibly easy to pitch design and fully taped seams throughout - the Air Tent porch is fully waterproof! The build quality is in line with the rest of the Berghaus range, which are considered among the best air tents.

On top of this, the porch has been crafted with fire-resistant fabrics that have been tested to the BS EN 5912 standard. The supplied groundsheet can easily be removed, which is perfect if you plan on using it to store your muddy boots.

Large windows on either side also add an extra dimension to this impeccably designed Air tent addition - the privacy curtains offer you a way to quickly seal this up if you need to!

Berghaus Air Porch Specifications

  • Dimensions: 345cm x 260cm x 215cm
  • Materials: Polycotton Tested to the BS EN 5192 Standard
  • Footprint size: 3.5 x 2.5 metres
  • Pack size: 78 x 32cm
  • Hydrostatic head: 6000mm
  • Weight: 9.1Kg
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Your Enthusiast

In addition to our own testing we also speak to people that have used products for a longer period of time

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Claire Passam has owned the porch for 5 years and it has survived countless camping trips with her family, attached to their Air 6 tent. She recommends replacing the supplied groundsheet with separate mats to prevent the potential water ingress we mention below. Here's how she sets up her own tent and porch...

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Compatibility with Berghaus Air tents

Berghaus Air Porch

Designed to join seamlessly with all Berghaus Air tents, the Air porch can easily be attached to the full range of Berghaus Air tents. So whether you use a Berghaus Air 4 on your camping trips or the larger Air 8, this extra area can be attached to your inflatable tent with ease.

Although not necessarily a compatibility feature, the Berghaus Air Porch comes with an additional pump suitable for Air tents. This means you now have a backup if you ever lose or damage your main one! Naturally it won't work with other brands (find out more in our Coleman Valdes 4 review).


As you will be taking your Berghaus Air Porch with you on your camping trips, you will expect it to be fairly portable. Thankfully, Berghaus have considered this as the Air Porch addition to your tent can be easily folded in on itself, leaving plenty of space in the boot of your car for the rest of your camping supplies.

The Berghaus Air Porch comes with an additional carry bag offering you a simple way to take this with you on the go. A small packed size also means it can be stored in a hiking backpack so you can easily transfer it from your home to a campsite!


There are two factors to consider when discussing a tent's durability: how resistant it is to weather types and whether it can withstand more than a few bumps - Thankfully, this polycotton porch covers both of these.

The air beams used to keep this porch standing are incredibly durable and come with a repair kit. Pair this up with the waterproof taped seams and fire retardant fabric and you have got yourself a remarkably durable camping porch.

However, the one thing lacking with this porch is its supplied groundsheet. Due to the sloping door design, the rain can quickly gather up and flood the porch. As long as you are pitching on flat ground, this shouldn't cause too much of a problem!

Price Point

In terms of cost, we believe the Berghaus is fairly priced for what it offers. As it pairs well with any Berghaus Air tent and offers additional space for the entire family, it can quickly improve your experience.

For the price you pay, you can expect an extremely durable addition to your tent that is designed with the same quality as a Berghaus tent.

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Ease of Use

As well as the tent addition being incredibly safe, it is also straightforward and easy to pitch thanks to its use of air beams. The rapid-inflation system used is the same as the one found on any Berghaus Air tent providing you with a set-up that takes minutes. The lack of fiddly poles especially helps this stand out.

When attaching the porch to your Berghaus Air Tent, be sure to fasten the black straps on each side to stop the top of the tent from flapping due to wind. This is one of the best ways to ensure your excursion is as comfortable as possible!

The Benefits of Using a Berghaus Air Porch

Berghaus Air Tent and Air Porch

The main benefit to attaching a porch to your tent is the added space it provides your family. It can be a great way to quickly extend the size of your tent if you are expecting more people than usual on your next camping holiday. But you can also use it as additional storage space if that's what you need!

A tent porch also adds a great sheltered way to sit outside of your tent or set up a cooking area. As the walls and roof offer protection from natural elements, you can safely set up a stove within this blue porch.

It can also act as a drying area for wet clothing - helping to prevent the build up of moisture inside the main living area that can lead to condensation at night.

Before you purchase yourself a brand-new porch, try to figure out what you might use the additional space for and whether you need it. However, we would struggle to find many situations where a porch won't enhance your campsite holiday, even our review of the Berghaus Air 8 shows that you can never have enough space!


Is the Berghaus Air porch compatible with the Berghaus Air 8 tent?

The Berghaus Air Porch is compatible with a range of tents across the Air series - This includes the air 4, 6 and 8. So whether you need an extra living area or you are just looking for some added storage, the Air Porch is a great addition to any Air tent.

Is purchasing a porch for your Berghaus Air tent worth it?

This depends entirely on whether or not you need the additional space. If you are currently using a 6 person tent for 2 people, then you may not need the porch. However, if your tent space is fairly limited and you are looking for an expansion, then the porch is more than worth it!

What can I use the Berghaus Air porch for?

The Berghaus Air Porch can be used for a range of additions to your camping holiday. From added storage space where you can store all your essentials to additional living space for your children's friends or even your pet.

You can also consider using this as a cooking area for your campsite. With enough space for most stoves and a fire retardant design, this is a safe addition to your main tent!

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Check Best Price Now!

Final thoughts

Overall, we believe the Berghaus Air Porch is a worthy investment for anybody who is looking for an extension to their tent. With an impeccable design that is both fire and water-resistant and a perfect way to set up a campsite cooking area, this is one of the best tent porches on the market.

You may need to invest in foam mats as the groundsheet can be a little lacking, but the porch more than makes up for this with everything else it offers. So if you are looking for more storage space or even a place to set up your tent stove, this may very well be what you are looking for!


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