Berghaus Air 6 Review


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Today we’re going to be reviewing the Berghaus 6 Air range tents. As inflating tents, they’re brilliant for ease and convenience, as well as being spacious and roomy. With quick and easy installation and deflation, there’s no reason why one of these shouldn’t be the next family tent you opt for, for any camping trip.

Both frequently feature in lists of the best inflatable tent reviews across the web.

Berghaus Air 6 Review

As well as reviewing the Air 6 inflatable tent, we’re also going to be talking about the Air 6 XL, which is the slightly larger variant of the Air 6. Berghaus’ Air 8, 6, and 4 all come with XL variants. When you’re looking for a quality tent, Berghaus are one of the key names people jump to – and in this review we’ll see why.

Furthermore, in this review we’ll be comparing the Berghaus Air 6 with the Berghaus Air 6 XL and seeing which tunnel tent is best for you.

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Berghaus Air 6

Berghaus Air 6

Our first product we’re going to review is the Berghaus Air 6 tent. It’s a 6 person blow up tent, and this means that it’s incredibly easy to set up. One of the better large inflatable tents around, the Air 6 has many fabulous features that make it suitable as a family tent, or a tent Berghaus have designed for groups of friends. In this review, we will be determining whether the Berghaus Air 6 is worth the money.


  • Weight: 26.5 KG
  • Dimensions: 730 x 250 cm with a 217 cm height
  • Bedroom inners: 2
  • Living area groundsheet: Fully sewn-in
  • Pitching Style: Inflatable

Berghaus 6 Layout

The Air 6 Models Sell Fast

This tent is often out of stock, especially during the warmer months. Use our Compare Price button to quickly find where it’s available, and maybe snag a bargain!

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As you can see from these specifications, this inflatable tunnel tent from Berghaus is spacious, light, and family friendly. It’s clear that people all over the country are opting for this tent, as it’s perfect to use on longer trips. It offers a lot of space for relaxing in the great outdoors, and as an inflatable tent it’s packed with convenience.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features next!

Key Features

Many people have bought this tent and been more than satisfied with the key features available, both inside and outside. Many would name this large, 6 person tent as their choice of inflatable tent, and there’s a few key features why this is so… so let’s take a look at them.

Family Friendly

First of all, this 6 person inflatable tent from Berghaus is perfect for families. It’s got a 730 by 230 centimetre footprint, and 217 centimetres of height.

This tunnel tent provides a brilliant inside space, making it perfect for use for large groups of friends and families alike. With two central doors allowing access to your living room, and two sleep spaces either end, this family tent has absolutely everything you could need.

When you’re reviewing blow up tents, it’s clear that the Berghaus Air 6 is going to come out towards the top as one of the best around. Its spacious design is absolutely worth the price, offering something for everyone throughout.


Air beams have been proven to be more durable than regular tent poles. This is because with over-usage year after year, poles can become rusty and even snap in half. If you are in a situation where the air beam splits for whatever reason, the tent comes with an easy fix valve repair kit.

The wheeled carry bag may seem like a simple add on, but it makes transport and storage so much easier, meaning that it will last you a lot longer.

This tent also comes with adjustable places for pegging, meaning that you can tailor the pegging points of your tent to the type of land you are pitching your tent on. This versatility makes for a smooth pitch every time.

The Berghaus 6 Tent

High Quality, Weatherproof Materials

One of the main things, when you are looking to buy an inflatable tent, is that you will be safe and dry come rain, wind or shine. Luckily, this tent does all that, and more. The groundsheet, which in a lot of tents comes separately, is actually attached to the Berghaus Air 6 inflatable tent. This means that there is no way that it would blow away, protecting you even more from those harsher climates. The flysheet has a 6000mm hydrostatic head, meaning that it is incredibly waterproof. Furthermore, the side door has a rain hood, offering that extra bit of rain protection.

The guidelines are illuminated, which makes it super easy to find your tent in the dark after a midnight toilet break. This super simple but effective feature makes this tent ever more favourable.

The flysheet, groundsheet and inner tent are completely fire retardant, which is excellent for peace of mind when using outdoor cooking stoves near the tent. Not to mention the odd spark from the nearest campfire.

Spacious Interior

Spacious interior ideal for 6 people

The spacious interior is ideal for 6 people with all their belongings and camping furniture. The ventilated bedrooms with extra-large windows allow for lots of light and a cool temperature, as tents usually can get very warm in the heat.

The inside tent comes with storage organization as well as pockets in the bedrooms. This makes for a tidy and safe tent. There is also space to connect to electric hook up with a handy zip to still keep the elements out whilst providing you with electricity.

Morning light can sometimes be pesky when camping, waking you up extremely early. However, this tent comes with curtains to control the light.

Who Is it For?

The Berghaus Air 6 tent is absolutely perfect for families. This is because it allows quick and easy set up due to beam inflation within seconds and the bedrooms being pre-attached. This cuts down set up time significantly and is great for the adults to set up quickly whilst the kids wait in the car. If your family is a little bigger, you may want to look at our Berghaus Air 8 review for a comparison.

Alternatively, it is also foolproof for a group of friends going camping for the first time. Although at first, pitching a tent can seem really daunting with lots of pegs and poles, this inflatable tent combats that with the air beams. Therefore, if you’re new to camping, this tent is super easy and accessible for those that don’t want to spend hours pitching.

This tent is really for anyone who wants a seamless pitch when going camping or setting up a tent in their garden.

Pros and Cons


  • Comes with pump
  • Beginner friendly
  • Super easy to pitch
  • Totally weatherproof
  • Spacious interior


  • Not a budget option
  • Limited availability
  • More technical tents available
  • Bigger size available

The Air 6 Models Sell Fast

This tent is often out of stock, especially during the warmer months. Use our Compare Price button to quickly find where it’s available, and maybe snag a bargain!

Berghaus Air 6 XL

Berghaus Air 6XL


  • Berths: 6
  • Weight: 36.7 KG
  • Size: 450 x 605 cm with a 220 cm height
  • Bedroom inners: customisable
  • Living area groundsheet: Fully sewn-in
  • Pitching Style: Inflatable
  • Recommended PSI: 4-7

Berghaus 6 XL Layout

The Air 6 Models Sell Fast

This tent is often out of stock, especially during the warmer months. Use our Compare Price button to quickly find where it’s available, and maybe snag a bargain!

Key Features

Nearly Double the Air 6’s Width

Berghaus Air 6XL (1)

The Air 6 has a width of 230 cm, whilst the Air 6 XL has a width of 450 cm, which is nearly double. However, the Air 6 is longer, with a length of 730 cm, whilst the Air 6 XL only has a length of 605 cm. Therefore, it’s definitely worth working out what sort of size you prefer to determine what type of tent will be better for you.

Privacy Features

This improved privacy feature is a step above the rooms from the regular Air 6 tent. This tunnel tent is perfect for multiple use.

The 6 XL might be a step up from the 6 inflatable tent, as one of the stand out differences between the two of them is that this one has customisable bedrooms. With the Air just having bedrooms at opposite ends of the tent, this one has the ability to change how many rooms you want. You could take down the dividers completely and use it as one large 6 person room, have 3 people in 2 rooms or have 2 people in 3 rooms. Alternatively, you could be camping as a couple and want a separate bedroom for your clothes and belongings to where you sleep and from your living area.

Berghaus Air 6XL (2)

Superior Waterproofing and Fire Resistance

Like the Air 6 tent, the XL also has a super hydrostatic head of 6000mm, meaning that your tent is extremely waterproof. With the same waterproof specifications as the Berghaus Air 6, this tent will definitely protect you from the elements when camping. To put it into perspective, the minimum requirement for something to be waterproof, the HH should be at least 1000-1500mm. Meaning that this tent is extremely waterproof.

Also like the previous inflatable tent, the Air 6 XL has the same fire resistance standards, thus making it a super safe tent.

Tough Materials

Similarly to the Air 6, this tent is made of tough stuff. With the groundsheet already sewn in, this makes it super secure and a great inflatable tent for the wind. Similarly, the bedrooms are sewn in which makes the tent compact and doesn’t only make for a quick pitch, but also extra secure.

The Berghaus Air tent also comes with pegging points that you can adjust. That’s another thing that makes this inflatable tent unique. This is perfect for camping on different terrains and needing the tent to be versatile between trips.

Who Is it For?

This 6 person tent doesn’t have to be for 6 people. Although the large living area is perfect for a big family. Like the Air 6, this inflatable tent provides easy pitching with the ability to customize bedrooms. That is something that is really unique to this tent and it means that you can have a range of people sleeping differently every time you use it. Although it can take up to 6 people, it can be used as 2 person tent, a 3 person tent or a 4 person tent (take a look at our review of the Berghaus Air 4 if you think a slightly smaller tent might suit you better).

Pros and Cons


  • Customizable bedrooms
  • Spacious interior
  • Easy to pitch
  • Super for beginners
  • Totally weatherproof


  • Pricey
  • Not as long as the original Air 6
  • Not a budget option

The Air 6 Models Sell Fast

This tent is often out of stock, especially during the warmer months. Use our Compare Price button to quickly find where it’s available, and maybe snag a bargain!

Is the Air 6 XL Better than the Air 6 Tent?

Both tents have the same important features, such as being weatherproof, fire retardant and having the same hydrostatic head and berth. What tent is better out of the two Berghaus Air tents depends on what you define as better. Do you prefer to have the adjustable rooms? Do you want a lengthier tent? Or do you want a tent with better width? These are the few factors where the tents alter.

So what is the real difference between the two? Well, the main difference between the two tents are the obvious dimensions as mentioned earlier in this review. If you prefer a tent to be wider to have slightly more space in your living area, then the Air 6 XL might be the best one for you. However, if you prefer a tent that is longer, then it’s probably the Air 6 that you want to go for.

The other major difference that the XL has, is the customizable bedrooms. This is the ability to change how many bedrooms you want with the various room dividers. This is perfect if you need to change the number of rooms required on different camping trip. Also, something worth noting is that the Air 6 has both of the two-bedroom sections at opposite ends of the tent, whereas the Air 6 XL has just the one section at one end of the inflatable tent. This is something to consider if you didn’t want to sleep near the other people you are camping with.

Overall, it really depends on what features you prefer to determine which tent is better.

So, which one do you like the best?


Are Berghaus Air tents any good?

As far as air tents go, these Berghaus Air 6 tents are top of the range. With unique selling points like the Air 6 XL with customizable bedrooms, a large living area, a high HH, adjustable pegging and quick installation, these tents really are ideal for all customer use and scenarios. The versatility is quite unmatched in the tent world and Berghaus creates great tents.

Does the Berghaus Air 6 come with a pump?

Yes, both the Berghaus Air 6 tents come with a stirrup pump. These pumps are a quick and easy way to inflate the air beams.

How do you pack Berghaus Air 6?

Packing a tent can sometimes feel like the most difficult thing in the world and it may seem daunting trying to get your large inflatable tent to fit into a small bag. However, it is probably easier than you think. Rather than hiring all the people on the campsite to come and help pack your tent, it is actually achievable alone or with just two people.

It is useful to do some research and follow the tent instructions when packing up a tent, but there are also some small tips to make packing away as seamless as possible. It’s essential that everything is zipped up, all the pegs are out of the ground and the guy lines are tied before you begin the process. However, if it is windy, it’s also useful to leave some pegs in so your tent doesn’t fly away when deflating it.

Deflating the tent is a quick and easy process by unscrewing the valve. It is imperative that you get to know what these look like and how to do them before going camping. Make sure that there is no air left in the beams by walking over them and then you are ready to roll! Folding might seem like the most difficult bit, but once you are positive that all the air is out of the beams, it should be super easy to fit back into your bag.

How do you pitch a Berghaus air porch?

The Berghaus air porch is a great add on to the Air tents. This inflatable front porch provides an extra space for chairs, extra shelter against the elements, and provides extra living space. You can use it as an addition to your tent with the groundsheet or quickly fold it away to get a bit of grass under your feet.

The porch is super easy to pitch. It is imperative that you read the instructions before pitching the porch, but here is some rough guidance. The person or people pitching the tent will want to inflate the beams on the floor using the pump that comes with the porch or one of the Berghaus Air tents. After, pull the flap side over the tent and hang the porch over the entrance that you want the porch to situate. Then you want to secure everything in place with pegs, making sure you’re using all of your guy ropes to get the safest and most protected tent possible.

The air porch is super easy to pitch and is an easy add on to the air tent themselves. If you feel like you need more room in your 6 person tent, this porch is a great way to add a little extra space.

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