The Air 4 – Berghaus Tent Reviewed for 2022


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Are you on the lookout for your next camping accessory? Do you want to find a tent that’s quick, easy, and smooth to put up and take down?

It’s no secret that we recommend the Berghaus Air 4, and its sister, the XL. In this review, we’ll be taking you through the Air 4 Tent and the Air 4 XL, showing you the key features of either model and helping to make your choice of purchase that much easier and explaining why we think it’s one of the best air tents right now.

If you need to save time, here’s the key elements of this review:

Berghaus 4 and 4XL

If you’re a large family that needs to buy the perfect product for your trip outdoors, complete with value and an array of impressive features, you needn’t look further than the Air 4 Tent from Berghaus.

Air 4 By Berghaus

First up, we’ve got the classic Air 4. It’s perfect for all of your camping needs, no matter whether you’re a group of friends or on a family camping getaway. We’ve taken the features of all the best reviews and popped them for you here, and we hope it’s enough to help you make up your mind without a problem!

Berghaus Air 4


  • Weight: 19 kg
  • Sleeping Area Size: 250cm x 210cm
  • Width of Patch Per Person: 62.5 cm
  • Living Area Size: 7.56 sqm
  • Pitching Style: Inflatable

Berghaus 4 Layout

As you can see from these specifications, the Air 4 offers a spacious living area and sleeping area for each member of your camping team.

This premium tent comes with many a high review, and can be easily put up as an inflatable tent which uses air beams to support the space inside. Just fill up the air valves and you’re good to go.

Key Features

Of course, we wouldn’t recommend this great tent if there weren’t plenty of features for people to enjoy. Here’s a few reasons why the Air 4 is a match made in heaven for any outdoor enthusiast.

Easy to Put Up

As an inflatable tent, this tent is very easy to put up and makes for easy pitching – saving you time and effort!

The inflatable design of the Berghaus Air 4 tent means that you merely need to fill up the air valves in order to have the air beams retain their shape, and then you’ve got a tent with a durable design that provides a quality camping space for all the family!

Berghaus 4 (1)

Easy to Take Down

You know what they say; what goes up… And you guessed it! The Berghaus Air 4 tent is also very easy and time-saving when it comes to taking the tent down at the end of your camping trip.

Because this tent is inflatable, it has a convenient quick release mechanism. With this, all you need to do is press a button, and the beams of the tent deflate with ease!

With the press of this easy button, you’re set to head home as quickly as you need to. Gone are the complicated days where you’d need to watch a video just to try to take your tent down!

Spacious Bedroom

Berghaus 4 Inside

The Berghaus Air 4 tent also has plenty of room for each camper to be happy in their sleeping space. This review highlights that the Air 4 leaves nothing to be desired, and this includes adequate sleeping room.

There’s no need to squish together and share a bedroom – with the Berghaus Air 4 tent you can easily and comfortably sleep in your own private space… it’s as easy as one, two, three!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have privacy back in your life, even on camping trips?

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This inflatable tent from Berghaus also does an amazing job of protecting you from all adverse weather. Its 185T polyester interior easily prevents condensation, whilst the meshed side door keeps air flowing through on even the hottest of days – so your space doesn’t feel cramped or too warm.

With a sewn-in ground sheet, a 70-dernier flysheet, and a rain hood above the door, you won’t have a problem with rainy camping trips ever again.

The space of this tent is, in fact, so comfortable that it’d be an easy job living in the Berghaus Air 4 for the rest of your days… We would seriously love to.

Who Is it For?

This tent is easily suited to couples or smaller families who want some short weekends away.

Whilst less suited to heavy use or longer stays, (you may want to check out our Berghaus Air 6 review for a larger alternative) the Berghaus Air 4 tent is available to purchase from retailers such as Blacks or Millets… or you could just buy at a low price online!

Pros and Cons

Of course, to be fair and balanced here’s a list of the key pros and cons of the Berghaus Air 4. We’ve been really picky here, because there’s not a whole lot to say in terms of cons!


  • Large living space – live comfortably!
  • Side door rain shelter.
  • Weatherproof, waterproof, and durable.
  • Front porch area.
  • Very easy to pitch with no issues of poles breaking.
  •  Quick release mechanism for deflating easily


  • Limited availability – please be timely in your purchase as these bad boys run out quick!
  • Front slopes ever so slightly

Air 4 XL By Berghaus

Just like the Berghaus Air 4 tent, the Air 4 XL deserves a glowing review. Its specifications are perfect, and shows that it’s a quality tent for those that want a quality camping time, and its array of key features makes it a stunning household name.

When you search for a tent online, using Google or another search platform, you’d be hard pressed to find a tent with so many views as the Berghaus Air 4 XL.

Bergaus 4XL


  • Weight: 28.3 KG
  • Sleeping Area Size: 2 bedrooms of 140×210 cm
  • Width of Patch Per Person: 70 cm
  • Living Area Size: 8.37 sqm
  • Pitching Style: Inflatable

Berghaus 4XL layout

Like the Berghaus Air 4, its little sister, this tent is an easy inflatable. With a side door rain canopy and a bunch of other handy features, which we’ll list below, this tent offers a spacious living room, as well as roomy sleeping areas.

You really can’t go wrong.

Key Features

There are a few key features that make the XL rather similar to the Berghaus Air 4, which you’ll see in the review above this one. Here are our favourites.

Easy to Put Up

Just like the Air 4, its sister model, this tent is really easy to put up. It’s nothing less than what you’d expect from an inflatable tent, but even still – the ease with which you can have this popped up is astounding.

This leaves you a lot of freedom to complete other tasks while you inflate the tent, such as getting a good campfire going or even unpacking the car with all of your camping chairs.

Easy to Take Down

Again, with the speedy releasing mechanisms, you can deflate this Berghaus tent at the click of a button – saving you all the time you need to crack on with other tasks.

This makes it a perfect choice if you’re looking for an all-rounder that you can pop in the car and take anywhere.


Berghaus 4xl material

Just like the Air 4, this tent is kitted out with all the fabulous features needed to make it fabulously waterproof, as well as resistant to other sorts of adverse weather conditions!

With rain canopy shelters, mesh doors for those warmer months, and a thick flysheet, you’ll have absolutely no issues when it comes to taking this one into the outdoors for a weekend away.

However, of course this wouldn’t be an Air 4 XL review if we didn’t talk about the super features specific to the XL, so here are our top three!

Panoramic PVC Windows

One of our stand-out features of this model is the panoramic windows. These offer a wide view of the breath-taking scenery around you, allowing you to have a fully immersive camping experience.

Removeable Bedrooms

Given that the XL is slightly larger… with the clue being in the name…, it makes perfect sense that one of our favourite bonuses of this wonder camper is the fully detachable separate bedrooms.

This means you can tailor your campers’ experience to how many of you there is, and allows for you to conserve the heat inside the tent by reducing the space you don’t use! No one likes a draught…

Spacious Living Room

Unlike its little sister, this tent actually has a completely different layout. It’s a little longer, and is a 4 beam construction as opposed to the Air 4’s 3 beam. The XL is 605 cm long, compared to the regular model being 495 cm long; it’s over a metre longer.

This means that you’ve got plenty of living space to play around with, and can easily have a spacious, fun, camping experience that provides that little bit of luxury living that you’re after!

Berghaus 4XL

Who Is it For?

This tent is perfect for families up to four or for couples that like a little extra space.

It’s perfect for a weekend getaway or even a longer stay, so it’s clearly quite versatile!

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Large and spacious
  • Weatherproof
  • Privacy curtains


  • Very popular so sells out fast
  • A little pricier than the Air 4, but because of the extra size afforded

Is the Air 4 XL Better than the Air 4 Tent?

Realistically, that’s for you guys to decide after having read our review above!

We would say that your choice needs to be heavily dependent upon what you’re looking for in a tent. The XL, unsurprisingly, is a little more expensive, but it offers a much larger size to play around with. It’s also a little more suited to longer stays.

However, if you’re looking for a perfectly roomy tent for a short weekend away, maybe with a group of friends, then the Air 4 is perfectly suitable.

It really does depend what you want in a tent- so scroll up to read again and level the pros and cons, helping you to choose the tents for you!


Are Berghaus air tents any good?

Realistically, we don’t need to answer this question for you. Berghaus is a household name for all outdoor activities and it’s clear why. The quality of their tents and other equipment is astounding, considering the fabulous quality included for such an agreeable price.

Of all the tents you could opt for, Berghaus probably offers the most for your money – which is why it’s a clear customer favourite.

How do I put up my Berghaus Air 4?

It’s shockingly easy to put up the Air 4, like other tents in Berghaus’ Air range. This is because these inflatable tents don’t require a lot of effort at all.

To inflate Air 4s with ease, here’s what you do:

  1. Peg out the 4 corners with the stakes provided
  2. Attach your included pump to each valve
  3. Inflate to the specified pressure

It really is that easy!

How do you deflate a Berghaus Air 4?

As we’ve stressed above, it’s even easier to deflate your Air 4s. With a speedy release button, this means that you just need to press the button for the inflatable beams to deflate.

There’s no fiddling with tent poles on your end, meaning you can leave the tent to deflate whilst you pack the car up, and then you can pop back to it and shove it in your car boot when you’re done.

These tents are perfect for minimum effort and time spent, so they’re easily some of the easiest, most convenient, and most affordable options around.

How do you hang a Berghaus air porch?

Hanging a porch for your Berghaus model is also an incredibly easy task. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Lay your porch out on the ground and inflate the inflatable beams using the provided pump
  2. Move the porch into position
  3. Using the guy lines, draw the adjoining canopy over the tent – this will draw the rear of the porch snuggly against the tent
  4. Bring the front of the porch forward and secure with pegs

The porch also comes complete with a repair kit and full instructions, and even a carry bag for easy handling! It couldn’t be more convenient.

Don’t forget to check out our inflatable air tent buying guide for a run down of the key features of all inflatable tents 

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