Marmot Nanowave 55 Review

A fantastic synthetic backpacking bag for the summer months


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A few years ago, I purchased the Marmot Nanowave 55 sleeping bag to add to my collection of different temperature backpacking sleeping bags. I was going for a warm-weather bag for the summer season.

Before my purchase, this sleeping bag had an average rating value of 5 stars which made me curious to try it. The bag performed perfectly during my adventures and ranks as the best warm-weather bag in my sleeping bag collection. It is an overall great sleeping bag worth every penny.

In this review, I will talk about my experience with the Marmot bag, the material used for construction, key features, weight rating, and the pros and cons of the bag. Let's get to it!

Marmot Nanowave 55 review


Best for Summer Camping
Marmot Nanowave 55

The Marmot Nanowave 55 is a master space-saver sleeping bag suitable for traveling on bikes and kayaks. It packs small to about the size of a one-liter water bottle fantastic edition for a long-distance hiker. It is a lightweight bag where weight is an essential factor to consider when climbing.

It is a high-performance mummy sleeping bag that packs tight and is great for climbing adventures. It comes at a great price depending on your store location and is one of the best mummy bags for backpacking.

Let's look at some of its key features.

Features of The Marmot Nanowave 55 Sleeping Bag

The Marmot Nanowave 55 has two hang loops to conveniently hang the bag after washing. The hang loops prevent the bag from touching the ground and picking up dirt while drying.

It has a compression stuff sack that conveniently stores the bag in a pack. The included compression sack makes it pack small for easy transportation and can be used by backpackers and other light-packing outdoorsmen. Even with the compact packed size, the bag still lofts to 15cm.

The high loft in this sleeping bag makes it super comfortable you might think you are sleeping on an inflatable sleeping pad with an inflatable pillow inside.

It has high loft insulation to help you stay warm even during cold seasons. The sleeping bag also has a Snagless draft tube to prevent cold air from getting into the bag.

The Marmot Nanowave 55 has a full-length locking YKK two-way zipper that wraps around the foot box to provide maximum ventilation. I open the zipper during hot nights to transform the bag into a blanket to cool off and sleep through the night.

It has a zipper garage on top of the zipper insert for the slider and pulls to park in. It comes with two-way zipper sliders to help zip and unzip without snagging. Some of the sleeping bags I used previously had a problem with snagging.

This ends up with part of the fabric stretching out and tearing. I love the Marmot Nanowave 55 sleeping bag because I don't have to worry about snagging. The zipper moves smoothly around the bag.

The Marmot Nanowave 55 has feely drawcords that make the top opening and adjustments easy. It is a great bag with a blanket construction to keep you warm and cozy throughout the night (for a colder weather bag, read our Mountain Hardwear Phantom 15 review)..

Another amazing feature of this bag is that it has a stash pocket. The stash pocket is a convenient place for you to store different valuables such as your phone, glasses, or even a snack. For those who love collecting rocks, you get a stash pocket for your precious rocks. It's worth noting that bigger rocks may tear your sleeping bag's stash pocket.

Marmot Nanowave 55° Feature


The Marmot Nanowave 55 has a significant amount of spiral synthetic filling for insulation and stays warm even with exposure to moisture. This Nano bag changed my life completely. Nights got significantly cool to sleep in the bag without sweating up and feeling sticky. It does well under warm temperatures.

The sleeping bag has a 50 denier 100% ripstop outer material that is windproof to allow maximum ventilation while blocking dust from entering the bag. The outer material also facilitates easier breathing if you cover yourself completely.

The inner part of this sleeping bag is also well made. This bag also has a 50D 100% smooth polyester lining. The polyester lining is designed to help you maximize the sleeping bag's comfort.

The Marmot Nanowave 55 sleeping bag also has a DWR treated polyester taffeta fabric. This fabric is water-resistant meaning you no longer need to worry about dew ruining your morning sleep.


This sleeping bag has a lightweight design with a filling weight of 296g and a total weight of 795g. It packs tight and is great for climbing at a volume of 3.28litres.

Temperature Rating

Based on the average rating value, it has a comfort temperature of 15.6 degrees Celcius, a limit temperature of 12.4 degrees Celcius with an extreme temperature of 0.6 degrees Celcius. The bag's temperature rating is 55 degrees Fahrenheit or 13 degrees Celcius.

Shape and Design

The Marmot Nanowave 55 bag is constructed with a mummy shape to ensure you get great insulation and stay warm.


Marmot Nanowave 55 has a shoulder circumference of 157.5 cm, a hip circumference of 152.4 cm, and a foot circumference of 106.7cm. This bag gave me enough space to move my feet around.

The bag comes in two sizes: regular and long. The regular is 213cm long, while the long one is 229 cm in length.

What we love
  • It is super comfy
  • It offers superior ventilation that is ideal for summer camping
  • Provides the perfect combination of lightweight and warmth
  • Pleasantly soft on the inside
  • Highly compressible
What you might not
  • The carry sack could be bigger

Final Remarks

I found this bag to be a tremendous warm-weather bag and perfect for people who want to save space. If you fancy lightweight trips, the Marmot Nanowave 55 is for you! The bag offers ideal warmth and comfort throughout the night. Get this bag for the summer season before you set off on your next adventure.

For an alternative synthetic sleeping bag, compare this with our Marmot Trestles Elite Eco 20 review.

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