Feathered Friends Hummingbird YF 20 Review

Our expert opinion on the slimmest, lightest down bag in the Feathered Friends range


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Feathered Friends make some of the best sleeping bags available. Feathered Friends bags are well-known for their high-quality, and comfort standards. They believe that sleep should be as comfortable as possible no matter where you lay your head.

Speed is an essential factor for backpackers. Therefore your sleeping bag should be lightweight. Luckily for you, the YF20 fits the bill.

This article will discuss the unique features, material, size, and pros and cons of the feathered friends hummingbird yf 20 sleeping bag. Let's get to it!

Hummingbird YF 20 Review


Best Sleeping Bag for Backpacking
Feathered Friends Hummingbird YF 20

If you want to enjoy warm nights during your hiking trips, this sleeping bag is what you need. You can't go wrong with this bag's warmth. It offers more warmth for its weight than most synthetic sleeping bags.

It doesn't matter what season it is; this mummy bag will do a perfect job for you. With the feathered friends hummingbird yf 20 sleeping bag, quality meets comfort and durability! The sleeping bag isn't cheap, but it gives value for your money.

If saving weight is a top consideration for your backpacking trip, then you will love this down sleeping bag.

Let's look at its unique features!


The feathers friends hummingbird yf 20 sleeping bag has a lower limit temperature rating of 20 degrees. This low weight makes this bag's warmth-to-weight ratio one of the best. Its high quality top stitch construction is no surprise, coming from one of the best sleeping bag brands for ultralight bags.

Feathered friends features a 5 YKK two-way full-length zipper with locking sides to secure you inside the bag.

This amazing sleeping bag also features continuous baffles that allow you to position the insulation where you want it.

Another interesting feature is that the sleeping bag has a 3D contoured hood that opens wide during warm nights. The hood closes tight when the temperature starts dropping during a cold night.

The Feathered Friends Hummingbird YF 20 significantly reduces the problem of cold air interrupting your sleep. This is because the sleeping bag features draft tubes that prevent cold air from passing through the zipper.

It comes with a storage bag and stuff sack. The stuff sack is a very helpful piece of gear. Use it to carry your sleeping bag to create extra space inside your pack. It also protects your bag from water, dirt, and grime.

Feathered Friends Hummingbird YF 20 Features


The Feathered Friends Hummingbird YF 20 is a lightweight bag with a 100% nylon Pertex Quantum shell. This fabric has increased down proofing and water beading properties that will last even after constant use and cleaning. The Pertex Quantum 20 denier fabric has a durable water repellent finish.

It is made with 900 fill power goose down for the highest quality standard of insulation. The sleeping bag has high loft value that maintains firmness.

Shape and Design

The feathered friends sleeping bag has a mummy shape that is wide on the top and narrows down towards the feet.

It is designed with a passive collar that adds a layer of down around your neck to help trap heat.


The shoulder is at 58 inches, the hip is at 52 inches, and the foot box is 38 inches.

The sleeping bag comes in two length sizes:

  • The length of the regular size is 183 centimeters long (about 6 feet)

  • The length of the long size is 198centimeters (about 6.5 feet)

This ultralight mummy bag weighs 1.75 lbs (0.8 kilos).

What we love
  • The sleeping bag is perfect for all seasons
  • It is warm and cozy
  • It is durable
  • It has premium quality down fill
  • It is lightweight and easy to pack even without a compression sack
What you might not
  • The sleeping bag is too narrow around the shoulder for some people
  • It's a higher budget bag

Factors to Consider when Choosing Sleeping Bags

Before you run to the store or make your sleeping bag order online, it is essential to know your needs. We have put down some of the critical factors to consider when purchasing sleeping bags.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Sleeping Bags

Temperature Rating

Temperature is an essential factor to consider in a sleeping bag. You don't want to develop hypothermia in the middle of your hiking trip! As much as warmth is vital, it would be best if you balanced it with weight.

We have different temperature ratings like comfort rating, lower limit rating, and extreme rating. Find one that is suitable for you. Another hack is to use a down jacket and gloves to maintain warmth during cold nights.

Like this bag? You may want to compare it against our review of the Feathered Friends Spoonbill UL

Down vs. Synthetic Insulation

Down insulation has a better warmth-to-weight ratio, meaning you will attain the same level of warmth with a small packed volume.

It's good to note that down bags are more expensive than synthetic bags. They take longer to dry when exposed to moisture. Nonetheless, you can find some water-resistant down bags in the market!

Synthetic bags dry faster when exposed to moisture but are heavier and less cozy. They are also cheaper than down bags.

Weight Savings

Considering your outdoor gear will contain many items like water, tent e.t.c you should consider ultralight bags with no weight penalty.

Sleeping Bag Style and Shape

There are different sleeping bag styles on the market:

  • For women - These kinds of bags are shorter in length to enhance the trapping of heat. They are designed to fit a woman's body shape. Women tend to run cold in unisex bags. Hence women sleeping bags have extra insulation on the upper body side.
  • Mummy bags -Traditional mummy bags are warmer because of the tight fittings and hood. They are easy to pack and carry.
  • Quilts - This type of sleeping bag is made with down and maintains a pleasing warmth and weight ratio.
  • Rectangle bags - These sleeping bags are less common even though they give you more room and space. Rectangle bags are a bit hard to pack!

Shell Denier

The thickness of the shell fabric determines the durability of sleeping bags. The range of shell fabric durability is 10-30D range. Some synthetic fabric goes up to 70D. It's therefore advisable to pick a sleeping bag with thick shell fabric.

Fill Power

Fill power is a measure of loft or fluff which corresponds with weight. Lower fill power requires heavier bags to give good warmth.

Take Away

Folks have different budgets, travel needs, and requirements for a backpacking trip. However, we will all agree that a sleeping bag is a must-have for such trips. If quality, warmth, and saving weight are your priority when purchasing a sleeping bag, the feathered friends hummingbird yf 20 is, without a doubt, the best bag you can buy. Make your order now before you set off for your next adventurous trip!

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