The 9 BEST Mummy Sleeping Bags [2022 Reviews]


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Are you planning your next mountaineering adventure? Or are you wanting to take the family on a camping trip? Whatever the occasion, you'll need a decent sleeping bag

Getting a good night's sleep is vital to having a good and productive time the following day, so choosing the right outdoor gear is also vital. 

Looking after your feet and ensuring they get enough insulation and warmth is also crucial and helps stop you from waking up in the middle of the night.

Let's talk about mummy sleeping bags. Commonly light-weight with all sorts of exciting (and necessary) features like; a draft collar, a quilt for warmth, or a vaulted foot box to look after your feet.

But which ones do you need? (Don't miss our comparison of the design of mummy vs rectangular sleeping bags)

That's where we can help, below you will find a round-up of the best nine mummy sleeping bags, some water-resistant, some with down insulation, some with around weight 2 lbs. Plenty of choices, so let's get to it!

Mummy Sleeping Bag Comparison Table

ProductPriceBest ForTemp rating (F)Weight (lbs)Link
OVERALL BEST! Therm-a-Rest Polar Ranger Expedition$$Winter Backpacking203.44Check Price
Snugpak Special Forces$$Four-season Adventures-47Check Price
Fjallraven Polar Minus 20$$Winter Expeditions & Trekking-43.6Check Price
TETON Light-weight Sports TrailHead$Backpacking202.9Check Price
Duraton Light-weight$Summer Camping202.9Check Price
Browning Denali Camping Bag $$Winter Camping06.31Check Price
Cascade Mountain Tech$3 Seasons Aventures05.1Check Price
Mountain Hardwear Lamina $$Base Camping/Paddle Trips153.45Check Price
Hyke & Byke Eolus$$4 seasons camping03Check Price

The Top 9 Mummy Sleeping Bags


Therm-a-Rests' mission is simple: create a better way to sleep outside; because when you rest better, you play better. 

They have stuck true to the mission with this sleeping bag as it will certainly help you make the most of your downtime and adventure time the following day.

With the help of experienced explorer Eric Larsen and the inspiration to develop a sleeping bag that could withstand some seriously tough conditions, the Ranger Expedition Sleeping Bag was born. 

This range of backpacking sleeping bags is filled with 800-fill Nikwax Hydrophobic Down, the benefit of this is that it will keep you warm in wet conditions due to being able to repel moisture. 

Therm-a-Rest Polar Ranger Minus 20-Degree Expedition Sleeping Bag

Stated that this mummy sleeping bag is water-resistant and can dry three times more quickly than down that is untreated. For those conscious about the environment, the Down is free of PFCs and any other harmful chemicals. It also comes certified by the Responsible Down Standard.

Nobody likes waking up during the night due to overheating and this shouldn't be an issue with this sleeping bag. 

There are side vents that overlap so that you are able to free your arms - meaning you should be able to get the right temperature throughout the night. 

There is a Snorkel Hood which can be used to cover your face while you're sleeping and helps to prevent the draft from getting to your neck. 

Ensuring you stay warm the sleeping bag is lined with a ThermaCapture lining. This makes it an ideal backpacking sleeping bag as this lining will trap body heat, yet won't add bulk so it is easy to carry. 

This mummy sleeping bag is designed to provide you with the maximum warmth where you need it most. 

Therm-a-Rest has used 60% of the fill in the top half of the bag and the remaining 40% in the foot box. To increase foot warmth these mummy bags have a foot warmer pocket, this will warm cold feet quickly - much relief to many, I'm sure!

Key Facts
  • Weight: 3.44lbs
  • Temp Ratings: 20 Degrees F
  • Fill:  800-fill power Nikwax Hydrophobic Down
Therm-a-Rest Polar Ranger Minus 20-Degree Expedition Sleeping Bag 2


  • Very light-weight
  • Available in two sizes; Regular (a person up to 6' tall), Long (up to 6'6" tall)
  • ThermaCapture Lining makes a big difference
  • Excellent warmth to weight ratio


  • Zip difficult to secure at times

Best for: Winter Backpacking

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Snugpak has a good name within the outdoor equipment sector. They even have contracts will defense agencies so if you want a tough mummy sleeping bag - the Special Forces Combo might be perfect!

A great feature that will appeal to those wanting a four-season sleeping bag is that this one is water-resistant, breathable, and windproof. So you can be safe in the knowledge that you won't be woken up in the middle of the night by dampness or draft. 

When it comes to insulation, Snugpak has opted for Softie Premier synthetic. A good choice as it will keep warm air trapped, even if the bag becomes soaking wet. 

You could consider this mummy sleeping bag an investment as due to the durability of the insulation, it will not lose its quality over time.

Mummy Sleeping Bag - Snugpak Special Forces Combo System

The shell is super tough and is very breathable. Honestly, if you are after a winter sleeping bag, this is a fantastic option.

Key Facts
  • Weight: 7lbs
  • Temp Ratings: -4 degrees F
  • Fill: Synthetic Insulation
Mummy Sleeping Bag - Snugpak Special Forces Combo System 2


  • The outer shell is durable
  • Water-resistant and breathable
  • Can withstand strong winds


  • Quite heavy

Best for: Four-season Adventures

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Planning a winter expedition? Fjallraven has got your back with the Polar -20 mummy sleeping bag, with enough features to see you through your adventure comfortably. 

To keep you toasty when you're out in all the elements, this sleeping bag is made with top-quality down insulation and provides superb insulation and compression. Filled in a way that reduces any risk of cold spots.

The hood on this sleeping bag gives a nod to the jackets designed by Fjallraven - and that's a good thing! 

To help reduce heat loss, the hoods come with a detachable synthetic fur edging. Not only that, any movement you make, the hood shall follow. This is a great way to minimize the risk of moist air being breathed into the ultralight sleeping bag.

The Fjallravel Polar -30

Fantastic insulation in the hood comes from the requirement for there to be less air volume and such less needing to be warmed up.

If you find yourself using this on summer nights, when it may not be so cold, ventilation may be a consideration. With this in mind, these sleeping bags have a full-length zipper, which can be found on the left side sleeper. 

For those warmer evenings when you don't want to expose too much of your body, there is a zipper on the right-hand side, allowing you to use both arms, free of the bag. 

Key Facts
  • Weight: 3.6lbs
  • Temp Ratings: -20C
  • Fill: 95% goose down, 5% feather
  • Fill power: 700 CUIN


  • The down-filled flap on the zipper to keep draughts at bay
  • The compression sack is water-resistant with a roll-top closure
  • Holds up brilliantly against tougher weather conditions
  • Ultralight sleeping bag


  • Color may not be for everyone

Best for: Winter Expeditions & Trekking

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This ultralight sleeping bag from Teton has many useful features that make it an ideal backpacking sleeping bag. This brand of sleeping bags gives you comfort and reliability- who doesn't want that?

Keeping you warm on top with a hood that has adjustable drawstrings. You also get a draft tube on the zipper to help keep unwanted drafts out. There is also a vaulted foot box, designed to provide quick and long-lasting warmth to your feet. 

For people who are new to the idea of backpacking then the Teton is a great place to start and could be the sleeping bag for backpacking you need in your life.

Nobody enjoys the notion of rolling your ultralight sleeping bag up after a night s sleep and with this, you won't have to! 

TETON Sports TrailHead Sleeping Bag for Adults; Lightweight Camping, Hiking

With Teton backpacking sleeping bags you get a compression sack, simply stuff the bag in there, and away you go - no more fighting!

As a nice little extra, built into the bag is an interior pocket so when it comes to the problem of where to store your valuables, there should be little thought!

The shell is nicely water repellent/resistant as this is down to the robust 75D Diamond Ripstop lining. You also get snag-free zippers, which not only make your life a lot easier when it comes to close or open the sleeping bag. It also ensures the life of the bag as this will prevent any potential damage to the shell.

Speaking of ensuring the life of the sleeping bag, Teton provides a lifetime warranty against this sleep bag. 

Key Facts
  • Weight: 2.9lbs
  • Temp Rating: +20F
  • Fill: Microfiber
TETON Sports TrailHead Sleeping Bag for Adults; Lightweight Camping, Hiking 2


  • Vaulted foot box provides brilliant warmth to feet
  • At nearly 2 lbs, this is an ultralight sleeping bag
  • Draft collar/ tube to prevent excess cold coming through
  • Feature-rich sleeping bag for a relatively low price tag


  • Stuff sack odor

Best for: Backpacking

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Starting in 2017, Duraton came to the market with the ambition to get everybody outside. They are dedicated to providing high-quality gear such as sleeping bags and a sleeping pad. Backed up by the Duraton Lifetime Promise (lifetime warranty), you can be sure that you are getting a quality and durable product in the Duraton light-weight sleeping bag

One thing which makes this product, as well as other Duraton products so good is how affordable they are. These mummy sleeping bags are sold direct to the consumer, meaning savings are made and passed on. 

Designed to keep you warm even when it gets wet outside this sleeping bag has a fill power of 300 grams per square meter of hollow fiber insulation. 

Duraton Mummy Sleeping Bag 20 Degree Weather, Lightweight with Compression Sack for Camping or Backpacking, Warm for Both Adults and Kids

Duraton wants you to stay dry and want you to keep going back to them time and time again. This is why this ultralight sleeping bag has a water-resistant outer shell but is also designed to be durable. It is hard to puncture and should a hole be made, it won't run or expand - which is exactly what you want when it comes to mummy bags. 

Ensuring you sleep well and your night is dry, the shell of these sleeping bags are treated with Durable Water Repellent (DWR). 

Getting a good night's sleep is always helped by warmth. It would be ideal to feel like you are as comfortable as being in your own bed when you're actually halfway up a mountain. That is what the best sleeping bag can do for you and that is what Duraton looks to do for you. 

There is a brushed polyester lining and this helps create that homely feeling in the sleeping bag. Keeping the draft away and the warmth firmly inside, there are multiple draft tubes, near the main zipper as well as the face opening.

Size matters when it comes to backpacking. This fact isn't lost on this ultralight sleeping bag. Included with the purchase you get a 15L compression sack. A stuff sack that is designed to fit easily and comfortably into the majority of hiking bags. 

Though if you compress insulation for a long duration of time that can damage how effective the fill power is. To combat this, you also get a 35L storage bag to use at home and for longer-term storage. Both bases are covered! 

Key Facts
  • Weight: 2.9lbs
  • Temp Rating: +20 F
  • Fill: Holow Fiber

Duraton Mummy Sleeping Bag 20 Degree Weather, Lightweight with Compression Sack for Camping or Backpacking, Warm for Both Adults and Kids 2


  • 10% of profit goes to Veterans in need of healthcare 
  • 2 storage bags: 1 stuff sack, 1 storage bag
  • The sleeping bag is treated with DWR
  • Nice range of colors
  • Ultralight sleeping bag
  • Lifetime warranty included as standard


  •  Sells out quickly

Best for: Summer Camping

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The Browning Camping Denali 0 Degree sleeping bag is the ideal bag for those thinking about their next winter adventure. Designed to go up against tough climates and still deliver on giving you a good night s sleep. 

The construction of the bag is in 2 layers. This is intended to limit draft and remove cold spots. Browning using Techloft insulation in all of their Denali bags. With this insulation, you get a nice soft and fluffy support while you are sleeping, which really adds to comfort. 

Achieved by using micro-fibers that a multi-hole and staple-length. These are siliconized to maximize how compact and the level of insulating that this bag is capable of. 

Built into the design of this sleeper is a zipper baffle, your body heat will be held inside with you as a result of this. As with any mummy-style bag, it comes with a hood. 

Helpfully the Denali has a draft collar feature included preventing the cold chills from getting through and so maximizes warmth. 

Browning Camping Sleeping-Bags Browning Camping Denali Mummy Sleeping Bag

No heat should escape during the night due to the 2 layer design and construction so you should be able to get that all-important night's sleep!

Key facts

  • Weight: 6.31 lbs
  • Temp Ratings: 0F
  • Fill Weight: 80oz


  • Ideal for use in snowy conditions
  • 2 layer construction keeps you warm
  • Draft Collar 


  • A bit of weight to it

Best for: Winter Camping

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Cascade Mountain Tech's mummy-style sleeping bag is there for you when you want your next trip - let's make it epic! 

The Adventure 0⁰ sleeping bag will be keeping you warm and dry through the 3 season, summer, spring, and fall. To ensure this, there is a draft tube to help seal out those chilly breezes and keep the warmth in. By the hood, there is a draft collar, as well as a full-length zipper down this range of sleeping bags. This will make sure you can exit easily for whatever reason.

When it comes to feet and keeping them warm, Cascade Mountain Tech is keen not to let you down. With a 3D toe box included, which can take up to a size 12 shoe, you should find your feet to be toasty all night long! 

Sometimes sleeping pads can slip and that's not good for anyone. To avoid that from happening, this sleeping bag has adjustable straps that can help secure your sleeping pad (or sleeping pad sleeve) in place. Should they not be needed, they can be removed easily. 

Cascade Mountain Tech Adventure Mummy Sleeping Bag - Lightweight, Compact 3 Season Backpacking Sleeping Bag with Pillow and Compression Sack

Included inside is a secure pocket so that you are able to store your small valuables inside the bag with you to give you peace of mind. 

The outer material is water-resistant and this is due to ripstop material. So you can rest easy knowing that this bag will keep you dry in those damp conditions you may experience in any 3 season adventure you find yourself undertaking. 

Key facts
  • Weight: 5.1lbs
  • Temp Ratings: 0F
  • Fill: Polyester synthetic
Cascade Mountain Tech Adventure Mummy Sleeping Bag - Lightweight, Compact 3 Season Backpacking Sleeping Bag with Pillow and Compression Sack 2


  • 3D foot box to keep up to size 12 feet warm
  • Water-resistant shell
  • Ability to keep your pillow in place


  •  Water-resistant, not waterproof

Best for: 3 Season Adventures

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The ultimate bag when it comes to keeping you warm - the Lamina 15 from Mountain Hardwear. The insulation is synthetic and should offer you a good sleep through the night as it really is very warm, even when it gets wet. 

There is an element of bulk and weight to the Lamina so would be ideal for those staying in one place or even paddling so as not to carry it around too much. However, when it comes to warmth and fill power, this one takes the crown. 

It will perform well in wetter conditions than a lot of its competitors due to the synthetic nature of it as it won't lose its loft. 

For that reason, it is a very comfy sleeping bag. The fill is featured more on the top of the bag, rather than the bottom. This makes sense and is an efficient thing to do as, as a rule, we lay on the bottom materials anyway so they will compress and become less efficient. 

Ensuring maximum efficiency and warmth to every part of your body, including your feet, there are draft tubes. 

Mountain Hardwear Lamina 15F-9C

When it comes to features, the Lamina is relatively simple, and let's be honest, that has some appeal. You can an anti-snag zipper and it definitely works well when it comes to stopping the zipper from getting caught.

Overall, a sleeping bag of good size offers a lot of warmth and a solid addition to your outdoor gear.

Key facts
  • Weight: 3.45lbs
  • Temp Ratings: 15F
  • Fill: Synthetic


  • Will keep you very warm
  • Anti-snag zipper
  • Can handle wet conditions really well


  • Better R value bags available

Best for: Base Camping/Paddle Trips

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The founder of Hyke & Byke has a philosophy that they should "offer the best products at the best value for the best purposes". Nice, right?

Hyke & Byke are small, independent but growing at a solid rate. The ultralight sleeping bag - 0-degree mummy goose down is perfect for backpacking. Why? It claims to be not only the lightest but the most compressible bag available. Impressive stuff!

The weight ratio is certainly superior and ensures that you get to save a lot of space when it comes to packing up. 

No need to worry about the warmth of this direct to consumer product as the fabrics are waterproof. This is a result of microscopic air clusters that are found in down feathers. This creates a "loft" and will keep you warm through 4 seasons.

Hyke & Byke Eolus 0 Degree F 800 Fill Power Hydrophobic Goose Down Sleeping Bag with ClusterLoft Base - Ultra Lightweight 4 Season Men’s and Women’s Mummy Bag Designed for Backpacking

Helping you stay warm, Hyke & Byke have insulated this bag using Hydrophobic Goose Down.

With a product built to last, durability has been taken into account. The fabric is water repellent to help keep you free from damp conditions.

There are anti-snag zippers, which are extra-large to make using the side sleepers easier. Focusing on keeping the warmth in there is a large foot box and the shoulder area is of good size.

This ultralight sleeping bag comes with a lifetime warranty so you can sleep easy knowing that you will be looked after whatever happens.

Hyke & Byke have focused on being environmentally friendly and looking out for others when they can. One goal is to eliminate poverty and they sponsor Kiva to help with this goal.

Aimed at giving you true comfort, this sleeping bag is available in three different size options so you will able to choose the best one for your needs. This will obviously help with keeping you warm and dry to the maximum. 

Key facts
  • Weight: 3lbs
  • Temp Ratings: 0F
  • Fill: Hydrophobic Goose Down


  • Three different sizes available
  • 850 Fill power
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Quicker seller

Best for: 4 seasons camping

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Buyer's Guide to Mummy Sleeping Bags


Mummy sleeping bags are more narrow in shape at the feet than rectangle sleeping bags. They are also tighter around the body, this means there is less space around you.

This style of a sleeping bag is intentional and means that there is less space surrounding your body. Therefore less space for your body to try and warm up, meaning you'll use less energy and stay warmer for a long period of time.

Another advantage to mummy sleeping bags is that they are less bulky than traditionally shaped bags but still allow you to have your shoulder laying flat.

Ensuring you have a hood that fits is also really important as this will help retain heat and keep you comfortable. 


Before purchasing a sleeping bag make sure you give some thought to what the function and purpose of it will be as this can influence what type of sleeping bags will be suitable for you.

  • Casual Camper - Opt for something bigger as this will generally be more comfortable. Budget wise this is the best bet when purchasing for a family. It will also provide the most comfortable night so a win all round!
  • Backpacking - Weight will be a factor as you won't want something too heavy to carry. Anything which can easily be compressed is a good option. Look for sleeping bags with a good warmth to weight ratio and you won't go wrong!
  • Mountaineering and Extreme Camping Trips - If the temperature is going to be a concern then consider a temperature rating of at least -20 degrees. Should you be planning on seriously going into the mountain, then aim for a -40 degree sleeping bag as this will provide the best comfort and safety.
Buyer's Guide to Mummy Sleeping Bags
Buyer's Guide to Mummy Sleeping Bags
Buyer's Guide to Mummy Sleeping Bags


There are many choices when it comes to insulation so let's dive straight in:

Down fill - These sleeping bags are great for people who want to do alpine adventures or several days hiking in cold conditions.


Down insulation is going to keep you warm, without weighing you down during the day - generally known as the best warmth to weight sleeping bag out there. The insulation properties mean that these sleeping bags tend to be very lightweight. Another thing worth keeping in mind if you are planning on hiking over several days is that down-filled sleeping bags can compress down, making it much easier to pop into a backpack.

Though often a little pricer than other types of insulation, if taken care of, you shouldn't need to seek out a replacement of upward of a decade.

Synthetic fill - For people looking to do a spot of camping or traveling across a variety of climates, synthetic insulation sleeping bags are for you.


If damp conditions are something you may potentially face, then keep in mind that synthetic type insulation is fairly wet weather friendly. The fibers do not get as affected by moisture, they also trap the warm air surrounding your body - this helps to keep you warm, even in damp situations.

This type of insulation is very easy to maintain and care for. Simply throw it in the washing machine when you get back home and it's all ready and clean to go on your next adventure.

Extra Features

Having a few extra features is almost always nice but which ones are actually necessary will depend on what type of adventures you are planning on taking!

Some mummy sleeping bags come with what is known as a stash pocket. What this does is give you somewhere safe to keep your valuable while you are sleeping.

Adventures who are seeking cool climates should look for a sleeping bag with draft tubes. Generally speaking, a zipper is a weak spot in your bag, meaning heat can escape from there as well as drafts coming in. A draft tube aims to minimize that by providing an extra bit of insulation which covers the length of the zip

Particularly good for mountaineers are sleeping bags with waterproof and breathable membranes. These will help you stay dry and keep you well insulated.

Zips can get caught on sleeping bags and, this can cause damage to the shell fabric, shortening the life span of the sleeping bag. To prevent this, look for snag-free zips. Larger teeth will decrease the chance of snagging. 

If you're looking for a versatile option, it's always worth considering a quilt. Our reviews of the best camping quilts round up the top options available at the moment.


For people who are frequently use sleeping bags then spending a bit more on a high-quality mummy bag (names such a rei co-op or down hugger may spring to mind) is a great choice and will certainly benefit from the extra features.

Those who are more occasional should keep in mind that it may not be necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on a sleeping bag and will find one that will work well for them on the lower limit of their research. 


1. What are mummy sleeping bags good for?

Designed to be lighter in weight than a rectangular sleeping bag, mummy bags are ideal for when the going gets tough. Although it is worth noting that they are also suitable for lighter trips too.

Mummy sleeping bags often have better temperature ratings than their rectangular counterparts. This is down to the style and shape of the bag to a large extent.

This will mean that mummy-style sleeping bags will get a person through colder, harsher conditions. Due to their light-weight, they are ideal for people wanting a bag to pop into their backpack and not add unnecessary weight or size.

Regardless of which style of the sleeping bag a person chooses, it is wise to pair it up with a sleeping pad and pad sleeve as this will add to the amount of warmth being kept in and also comfort.

2. What should I look for in a sleeping bag?

Always consider sleeping bags' temperature ratings and choose one that is at the lower limit than the temperature expected at your camping location. The temp rating will tell you what the lowest temperature is that the sleeping bag will keep you warm.

Make sure you look at the packed weight of the sleeping bag. If you are car or mountain camping then lightweight is best as bulk and extra size will weigh you down.

Fill power between 800 and 1000 is perfect for portability.

It is also worth looking at any additional features as depending on your function some will be more useful than others. A draft collar will help keep your neck free from drafts. If you're headed into seriously chilly conditions then an extra membrane is handy. Or perhaps functionality is important, then consider a sleeping bag that you can unzip to make a quilt.

Don't forget a sleeping pad and pad sleeve!

3. How do you sleep comfortably in a mummy bag?

Cascade Mountain Tech Mummy Sleeping Bag

The key to sleeping comfortably and getting a good night s sleep in a mummy sleeping bag or any sleeping bag is to dress properly and ideally use a sleeping pad underneath for extra comfort.

Remember a sleeping bag is basically a quilt with zippers. A mummy-style bag will help keep the warmth in and your feet toasty due to their shape which is better for heat retention and insulation than the rectangular shaped bags.

Generally, most mummy-style sleeping bags will be single sleeping however it is possible to get bags with a right and left-handed so that they can be zipped together for double sleeping.

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The Best Mummy Sleeping Bags

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