Patriot Power Cell Full Review: Is it the best Solar Charger of 2021?


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Are you about to go on your next outdoor adventure and need an emergency power back up? Nobody likes being left in the middle of nowhere with no power. That's where a power bank, a solar charging phones bank, or in this case, a Patriot Power Cell comes to the rescue!

The Patriot power cell reviews and customer reviews will tell you how good this power cell is. Though let's allow the sales to do the talking first. 

When this portable solar panel charger was released, it sold out in the United States within the first 48 hours of it going on sale! That's an impressive selling pace where solar chargers for phones are concerned!

You may not have considered what you would do without power for your phone but let me ask you these questions:

  • How would you alert emergency services if you need to?
  • How would you you may not have considered what you would do without power for your phone but let me ask you these questions: let your friends and family know that you're safe?
  • How would you find out if they were safe?

These three questions are genuine questions people asked after hurricanes Harvey and Irma went through their states. 

It's not only things like a Category 4 storm that can cause the power to go out. A whole manner of things can; ice, wind, accidents, and earthquakes. All of these things can cause the power to go out, without warning. 

It is reasons like this that inspired 4Patriots to develop the Patriot Power Cell!

Patriot Power Cell

A solar charger that most people buy several of at a time. In fact, most customers buy 4 at a time. Choosing to give them as gifts to loved ones so that they will always be able to stay in contact. 9 out of 10 people don't buy one at a time, they buy several

What is the Patriot Power Cell?

Patriot Power Cell is designed to make sure your smart devices are never without power. The company, 4Patriots is known for developing powerful pocket-sized batteries that can go anywhere with you. 

Patriot Power Cell

Recognised to be a breakthrough back up power solution. It uses solar power to charge so providing you are somewhere that will see daylight, you ought to never be without power.

A real bonus is that this power bank is water-resistant, rated IP67. This means that while you cannot submerge the charger, you subject it to a bit of water - such as rain - and it will be more than ok to carry on performing. 

This Patriot charger holds enough power in the compact unit to charge your device 3 - 6 times. Obviously, this depends on the model of phone you have - phones with larger batteries will take more power and therefore the power cell will more likely charge it 3 times, rather than 6. 

However, the fact it can charge a large battery 3 times is incredible. Especially when you consider it's compact size and it's lightweight. 6 times is fantastic!

Built into the Patriot power cell are 2 USB ports so you can charge two devices at once. This means that you can be confident that all of your devices will remain powered, no matter how long your adventure is!

In addition to the power cell being a high-powered charging device, it can also operate as an LED flashlight - it's really bright too so you won't be left to find your way back in the dark while you've got this Patriot power cell by your side. 

Not only does it have a constant flashlight mode, but it also has an SOS setting. If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in a position where you need emergency assistance, the Patriot power cell will be able to emit SOS signals to get you out of your situation. 


  • Capacity: 8,000 mAh
  • Solar cell: 1.5 Watt
  • Charge time: 6 hours via micro USB charging/ 40 hours in the sun
  • Battery type: Lithium-polymer battery
  • Material: Solar panel, ABS plastic cover, silicone frame
  • Input: DC5V / 1.6A
  • Output: DC5V / 1A, DC5V / 2.1A
  • Circulate service life – 500 times, 5-6 years
Patriot Power Cell

What's good about a Patriot Power cell?

There are lots of positives and strong selling things when it comes to this solar charger unit. So let's take a look a few of them.

Benefits of having a Patriot Power Cell

Usability wise, it is incredibly simple in every sense. It works just how you would expect it to.

Need to know how much power is left in the power cell? There's an LED light meter for that. On the unit, there are 4 blue lights - these represent 25% of the battery. So if you have 1 light illuminated, the power bank has 25% battery remaining. When all four lights are lit, the power cell has full power. This is a very simple way to keep you in the know about battery life. Nothing about this Patriot power cell is complicated and that's exactly what most people want to outdoor survival gear.

The Patriot solar charger is rated as IP67. This means that it is water-resistant and will withstand splashes as well as rain. Something that can be very useful if you find yourself exposed to Mother Nature. You don't want your back up device to fail if you find it getting a bit wet in a rain shower, that ruins the purpose of it being a backup. This device will see you through those times and keeping soldiering on.

On the exterior of the charger, you will notice that it is rubberized. 4Patriots have designed it so that it will be able to protect itself against drops. Accidents happen and it's good to know an accidental drop wouldn't be the end of your power back up plan!

Travelling around the United States, or maybe even beyond? This mini power generator can travel with you. The batteries that are inside this charger are well known for their safety. They are lithium polymer and have passed TSA regulations for carry-on batteries so there really is no excuse not to be taking your Patriot power cell with you wherever you go!

4Patriots make devices that are made to last. This one is no exception. The battery can be charged up and depleted around 500 times before it wears out. For the average user, this will last them around 5 years! 

How do I use my Patriot Power Cell?

When you purchase the power cell, it will come with a cord. Most likely this cord will not charge your phone or device. This cord is designed to charge to power cell itself.

How to use a Patriot Power Cell

When it comes to charging your phone or other devices, use the charging cable that it came with. There will be no issues when using these cables with this solar panel power cell. Providing the cable has a USB end, it will compatible with the Patriot.

The Patriot power cell is a simple device and as such using it as a charger for other devices is simple too. There are no different specs, it doesn't matter if your phone is Apple or Android, or anything else for that matter. Whatever it is, the portable solar charger will give it some juice!

Any device that is USB compatible will work and receive Patriot power. 

Who would use the Patriot solar charger?

While the Patriot solar charger really excels in a crisis, it has many more uses in everyday life too for an abundance of people.

Who would use a Patriot Power Cell

For people who love travelling, camping or hunting this can be the ideal device to be carrying with you on your adventures. As it is more than just a solar generator, it can be useful in many more ways which would perform well in these situations.

From a lot of reviews, it is clear that many people choose to keep their mini solar panels unit in the glove box of their car. This means that it goes with them wherever they travel so it will always be easily accessible. A great idea!

It is difficult to say who this power cell wouldn't be useful for. Due to it having so many uses, and with no way of knowing when you might face a power outage, it could be useful to anybody!

How much will the Patriot power cell cost me?

Though the price does vary depending on sales and other things, you will be looking at paying less than £3o or $30 for one if you are in the United States.

4Patriots do offer to promote the option of purchasing 4 of these solar panels power cells at the same time. Due to the fact that most people opt to buy more than one, this can work out to be a good deal.

Patriot Power Cell 4 Pack

Shipping is free within the United States.

At this price point, it really does feel like the solar-powered charger is quite the steal. You get so many additional extras, it is more than just a charger with a large battery.

What is the charging time for the Patriot power cell?

The time taken to charge to Patriot power cell will depend somewhat on your conditions.

If you are charging it using solar power then it will take around 40 hours to fully charge. If the sunlight where you are isn't great and a little cloudy then you may find it will take a little longer as the conditions are optimal.

When it comes to charging the power cell using a micro USB, it will take around 6 hours to fully charge.

While these may seem like a long time, do remember that it is a large battery at 8,000 mAh. It will charge your smart device 3 - 6 times - that's a lot of power! 

Does it still work in cold conditions?

The short answer is yes.

However, it will depend just how cold you are thinking!

This portable solar charger will function happily in temperatures as low as 14 degrees F/ minus 10 degrees C.

It will also be happy to keep charging your devices with temperatures up to 122 degrees F / 50 degrees C and everything in between!

Should you find yourself wanting or needing to use your power cell in temperatures colder than -10 degrees C, then you will need to put it in a pocket or use another method of protecting it during the extremely cold times.

This will keep the Patriot power cell functioning in its best condition and will ensure a long life with the unit.

How do you charge a Patriot Power cell?

AC USB Adaptor

Included with your Patriot power cell is an AC cord. When you first get it out of the box, the best thing to do is give it a full charge using this cord. This will get you on your adventure straight away in the full knowledge that you have a solid power backup plan.

The AC cord provided will work with any USB adapter - this includes a computer. So providing you have access to power, charging this unit should be no problem.

Solar Power

There is always the option of charging this phone charger solar power bank using the sun. It naturally takes longer (around 40 hours). Should you wish or need to charge it using sunlight, then if possible it is best to leave it on a window sill or in direct sunlight outside.

This will make sure that the solar panels receive the most amount of direct sunlight meaning that your little power generator will be charged in the best way.

Another great way to keep the battery topped up if you are out walking is to hang the unit from your backpack. This way the solar panels will capture the sunlight and keep the battery charged without you having to do anything special.

The unit has a 5 inches worth of solar panels. No electricity doesn't have to mean that you won't have any power!

Customer Service

4Patriots was launched in 2oo8 by Allen Baler in the United States. He knew that having great customer service is crucial. Even the best products can go wrong. People still have questions about products before purchase and nothing quite beats speaking to another human for the answer to ascertain that understanding.

As 4Patriots has seen a growth of their products, they have also seen growth in the size of their customer services team in the United States. By 2015 the team had grown by more than 50%.

True to Allen Balers' vision, customers were receiving great service. The team can handle more than 115,000 phone calls and has spent over 7,000 hours speaking with customers, potential customers too.

Not only that, another 30,000 customers were handled digitally.

So if you have any questions about whether the Patriot power cell is right for you, you can speak to someone who will be able to answer any questions. The great thing is, United States-based representatives are incredibly knowledgable about their products, why? Because they own and use them too!

Overall 4Patriots have nailed it when it comes to providing great customer service. You can purchase a Patriot power cell and be confident that should you have any issues or questions, you have somewhere to turn and they will be able to help swiftly and professionally.

Moreover, if you have any questions prior to purchase, you know you can speak to people who not only sell the product. They actually own and use the product! 

What is the best solar cell phone charger?

With so many different devices out there designed to charge your phone, many with solar panels built-in, it can be a bit of a minefield knowing where to start.

Reviews can be a great way to know how people genuinely find the product after some time using it.

Patriot Power Cell - The Best Solar Cell Phone Charger!

Generally, the best solar charger phone devices are those that will withstand a lot of use, have extra features, and are reliable.

Knowing you are going to buy something that will last for several years is always good. The fact that 4Patriots states how many charges this power cell is capable of is reassuring to many, I'm sure.

Based on reviews we can see that the Patriots power cell fits those needs perfectly! 

The Final Verdict

The Patriot power cell is a solar panel charger that offers a lot of "bang for your buck".

It is solidly built and designed to withstand the occasional drop due to its rubberized exterior. Mother Nature won't stop it being there for you either. Being IP67 rated, this solar panel patriot power bank will keep charging your devices in rain or shine (though it does favour shine!).

The size of the battery is impressive, especially when you consider this device will fit into your pocket and won't weigh you down as it is so light!

There are two USB ports available because the Patriot power cell is capable of charging two devices at once, and with 8,000 mAh of power, it isn't going to run out of juice in an instant. Having the ability to charge this device using the solar panels will put even the hardened adventurer's mind at ease. No USB charging point, no problem! Some time in the sun is all it needs.

An incredibly simple mini solar generator that won't take all afternoon to understand how to operate. The design is sleek and nothing is overly complicated. Just what we all like.

Overall this Patriot power unit makes you feel like you could complete a tour of the whole United States and never run out of power. That's a pretty good feeling to have. 

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