Inflatable Bubble Tent Guide

The inflatable bubble tent, or sphere tent, is a type of dome tent that has a clear plastic hemisphere covering the top. This allows for 360-degree views and is great when camping in less than desirable weather conditions or if you are afraid of animals intruding on your campsite at night and want to be able to easily see all areas of your site.

The capacity of these inflatable tents ranges, but most are big enough for four people.

Inflatable bubble tents have many benefits over other dome types; they are easy to set up, compact when storage is needed, and have great ventilation. If you are thinking about buying one of these tents we can help you to make an informed decision.

Are Bubble Tents Any Good?

Bubble tents are a recent invention in the world of camping, and they have been getting some great reviews. If you're looking for an easy way to keep your campsite clean and dry without having to lug around heavy tarps, build complicated structures, or worry about your tent withstanding wind, this is an excellent option!

Benefits of Bubble Tents

The design of these tents is truly innovative, offering you a great way to keep your campsite clean and dry while still maintaining an air of fun. There are many benefits for the cutting-edge camper:

  • 1. Easy Setup

  • Bubble Tent

    Simple to set up and take down: it will usually take less than 15 minutes, no matter how big your tent is.

    The secret to this is that there's almost no assembly. It has a welded PVC frame, which makes it sturdy and prevents any errors in erection. All you have to do is pop up the tent and connect with an air pump. Most manufacturers will include one as part of the deal.

    They fold down into an easy-to-carry bag, making them great for most outdoor pursuits. Smaller ones aren't particularly large or heavy, so you can even use them for outdoor events like festivals or even events that you're running yourself. They come in a variety of different colors and designs for you to choose from. Some companies even allow you to design your own.

    2. Lightweight Construction

    Bubble tents are surprisingly lightweight, which is a great thing if you're planning to travel with them. For example, a 10 person model could weigh just 30 pounds, which is pretty impressive! This makes it easier to transport your bubble tent if you're going to be camping away from civilization for some time.

    The PVC construction also keeps the weight down: this material is more lightweight than other materials and is a lot less prone to punctures as well. This makes it more durable overall, which is always a plus, as repairing inflatable tent tubes on standard air tents is never fun.

    3. Protection From The Elements

    Plastic bubble at Parc Marignac, Lancy

    Plastic Bubble Tent at Parc Marignac. (Image credit: Guilhem Vellut on Flickr CC BY 2.0)

    Bubble tents are the best way to go camping with your friends and family without worrying about getting wet or dirty. They protect you from UV rays, bad weather, bugs, and anything else that's out there! Bubble tents offer full protection from rain, moisture, dirt, and wind.

    The design of the bubble tent is such that it can resist high winds without being destroyed or blown away. If you're camping on a beach, this is particularly useful: no more having to run for cover every time there's rain in the forecast.

    4. Versatility

    Not only are bubble tents lightweight, but they're also extremely versatile. They're constructed of PVC, which makes them useful in any situation: it allows you to use your tent outdoors without worrying about the elements or can be erected indoors, for example at a convention.

    There are many options: you can even choose between transparent models or models with a solid shell.

    They can be used for camping trips, family picnics, and outdoor events. You can even use them for temporary housing on construction sites: they're tough enough to handle anything you throw at them.

    5. Improved View

    Bubble Tent for Night Sky Viewing

    Sit back and see everything around you, from the comfort of your own tent! The clear PVC walls allow you to take in the view. This is great for stargazing or taking in the view down a beach or river.

    How Do Bubble Tents Work

    Bubble tents are designed to be much more than just a place to sleep. They offer protection from the elements and safety in case of emergencies. So how do they work?

    The structure is made by connecting several inflatable balls together, creating a roomy interior with a sheltering membrane that keeps you safe and dry inside.

    The average tent can be inflated in less than 15 minutes with an electric pump. Most models feature built-in air pumps that are more efficient. These air pumps speed up the inflation process, making assembly quick and easy.

    They are made from PVC and tarpaulin material that protects the user against weather conditions. These tents are impervious to water as well as fireproof so that they can be used in adverse weather conditions.

    The external walls are made to a high level of thickness compared to traditional tents, making them sturdy and safe when used in high-stress environments. Bubble tents are designed for rugged outdoor use, so they can withstand high winds and heavy rains while keeping the dweller dry.

    The fact that the material is so compact makes it a good choice of temporary shelter when camping in unfamiliar areas. Because the material is weather-resistant, it’s suitable for any kind of camping. 

    How Much Space Does A Bubble Tent Take Up

    General lengths and widths range from 10-15 feet, depending on the manufacturer. Most companies also offer sizes ranging from 2-15 people, which is great for those who prefer to camp alone or in a small group. Make sure you get the size that best fits your needs.

    Are Bubble Tents Noisy?

    You might wonder if they are too loud for your needs. One major factor that makes bubble tents noisy is the blower.

    The blower that comes with the tent is quite loud. This is necessary for the air pressure in the tent to be sufficient, but it might disturb your sleep if you're too sensitive.

    It is rather unfortunate that one of these factors cannot be controlled because they are necessary and fundamental components of what makes bubble tents work. You can try to wear earplugs if you think that the tent is too loud.

    The blower might also make some unusual whining noises which may be distracting at first but soon pass unnoticed.

    However, these irregularities do not make it any louder than your average tent or home air conditioning unit. In fact, many bubble tents are quieter than both of them because they have no windows which can introduce noise from outside sources. The bubble itself is also fairly sound-proof and does not allow for many outside noises to properly reach you.

    Some tents are also designed with materials that absorb the noise from the blower and prevent it from reaching the inside, such as an insulated fabric. While this does not completely eliminate the sound, it does lessen its impact on your sleep. Materials like these are especially useful for people who are extra sensitive to noise.

    Are Bubble Tents Warm?

    Much like a greenhouse, the sun's rays are absorbed by the material of the bubble and will make it warm whenever the sun is shining. The material used prevents heat from escaping, and it gets trapped there even when it's cold outside.

    In colder climates, a portable tent heater will provide warmth to keep you from freezing during cold nights.
    In very hot climates, it is advised that you use an air conditioner to keep the temperature from getting too high inside the tent.

    The internal temperature can get too hot if the outside temperature is above 85 F (29 C) without an air conditioner. To avoid this, try to put the tent in a shady location if you know it's going to be hot.

    How to Keep a Bubble Tent Cool in Summer

    So you've just set up your new bubble tent in the middle of a summer heatwave. Here are some tips on how to keep this inflated home cool enough that you don't melt:

    How to Keep a Bubble Tent Cool in Summer

    1: Chill Out With A Portable Cooler

    This is perhaps the easiest thing to do. Some tents have built-in AC, but if not, you can still keep it cool by setting up a portable cooler where you're going to sleep. You should make sure the area around the cooler is well-ventilated so that fresh air mixes with hot air from inside to move heat out of your tent. This will also help prevent moisture from building up inside the tent.

    2: Position The Bubble Tent Properly

    Simply move the bubble tent into a shady area and get it out of direct sunlight. In addition, make sure you blow it up on grass or dirt so that you don't get it wet. This can provide some additional insulation from the ground and provide some relief on hot summer days.

    3: Use A Cooler Sleeping Pad If You Have One

    If you already have camping gear, adding an inexpensive sleeping pad to keep yourself cooler is one of the easiest things to do in a bubble tent. Sleeping pads, like the Klymit Static V2, are lightweight, portable, don't take up too much space in your bubble tent, and have a high insulation value. This will help reflect body heat back to you while sleeping which is especially useful if you're camping on colder ground.

    How to Clean a Bubble Tent

    These tents are very easy to clean. The PVC they're made from is resistant to mold and mildew, which means that cleaning activities are reduced. All you have to do is remove any dirt or debris with a damp cloth, then give the inside of the tent a quick wipe down.

    There's no need for special cleaners, just regular household products. This will help keep your bubble tent in top condition for years to come.

    If you're not sure how to clean your bubble tent, these are the steps you should take.

    How to Clean a Bubble Tent

    Clean Outside First

    The outside of a bubble tent is easy to clean. Wipe it down with a damp cloth, making sure that all dirt and debris have been removed. You can then use a damp sponge to get the mud off, but be careful not to push too hard.

    If there are any stubborn stains or marks on the PVC, try a soft brush and some soapy water. You'll remove the marks with minimal effort and without harming the fabric.

    If it's a sunny day, you may also want to take advantage of the sun's UV rays. Set up your tent outside and let the sunshine through it for a few hours. This can help remove stains from the fabric that would otherwise be hard to reach.

    Clean the Inside

    The inside of a bubble tent can be harder to clean. This is because there are two layers that may need cleaning, and it may be difficult to reach every surface. You should start with the ceiling first, using a moist cloth or sponge to remove any stains. Applying some moisture before wiping them away will help loosen dirt and grime.

    Clean the floor next, again using a damp cloth or sponge to wipe away any dirt. If there are stains from food or drinks, you should use a mild soap solution and scrub them gently with a soft bristle brush. Rinse it with warm water afterwards, then let the tent fully dry before putting it back up.

    Don't Use a Vacuum

    This can cause the material to expand and contract, which will eventually lead to rips and tears. Always avoid using abrasive products on the fabric or scrubbing it hard with a cleaning brush or sponge, as this can damage the PVC.

    Don't Use Bleach

    If you take good care of your bubble tent and clean it regularly, it can work well for many years. This is one of the few tents that can last for a decade or more. You should clean it at least once every three months, depending on how frequently you use it and where you set up camp.

    Read the instructions that came with your tent carefully to learn how to clean it properly and ensure that your bubble tent has a long life.

    How Much Do Bubble Tents Cost?

    Bubble tents can be somewhat expensive, depending on what you're looking for. The cost of a bubble tent can vary depending on the style and size of the tent that you want. They generally start at about $300 for smaller tents and go up to about more than $1000 for larger tents.

    Where to Buy a Bubble Tent

    If you're looking to buy a bubble tent, there are many places to choose from. You can purchase one on Amazon or REI or check out your local outdoor store and see if they have any models in stock.

    Before purchasing on the internet, make sure you check the return policy. If you buy a used bubble tent, make sure the company is still in business so you can contact customer support if there are any issues with your product.

    The Best Places to Camp in a Bubble Tent

    The most obvious place to camp in a bubble tent is at a campsite. This provides you with an epic view and experience but does mean that other people will be around. You might not want to camp next to or near other people and prefer a more isolated area where you can have as much space as possible for your bubble tent.

    If you're looking for a unique experience that will provide you with privacy, there are plenty of options in the woods. Just make sure you know the area and plan accordingly because you'll also have to deal with wildlife.

    Bubble Tent in the woods

    You can also camp under the stars in your bubble tent. Unfortunately, if you want to do this on a clear night, it's not as exciting since there will be no view of the sky. If you're camping during an eclipse or meteor shower, however, this can be a great experience for you.

    Other than sleeping under the stars to see the sky or view of nature, there are many other options. One example would be camping on a lake. It provides the private experience you're looking for, but it's also convenient to have a lake nearby when you want to fishing or kayaking.

    If you want to have a more relaxing time, you can even camp in your bubble tent in your backyard. The experience of camping in a bubble tent is great because it's like having an outdoor room that you can place wherever you want.


    If you love camping with a comfortable, rugged, panoramic view, a bubble tent may be an excellent addition to your gear! With so many positive reviews from happy campers around the world, there's no doubt that this is a safe and convenient way to have a relaxing trip every time.

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