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Glamping is become increasingly popular in today's society, with more and more people wanting to reap the benefits of what camping has to offer but not wanting to compromise on their comfort.

If you're someone that loves being outdoors and around nature, but dread the thought of going without proper food, showers, and beds, then glamping is just the thing for you!

What makes the experience so wonderful is that it can be as extravagant or as simple as you like. DIY glamping ideas are on the rise, as many don't want to shell out for an expensive pre-packaged trip, but still want to add an element of luxury whilst camping. 

To find out more about our top glamping ideas and how you can transform your camping trips, keep reading this guide!

What is glamping?

A glamping tent seated above a wooden platform

Glamping is a combination of the words 'glamour' and 'camping' meaning that it is essentially a more luxurious and decadent version of your typical camping!

Glamping is a way of enjoying the good parts of camping, such as the scenic views, without having to put up with the bad bits, like squeezing into a sleeping bag.

There is no one particular way to glamp: some people book expensive yurts or barns to upgrade their outdoor experience, whilst others choose to enhance their tents and do a bit of DIY to transform their camping trip into a glamorous experience.

The difference between glamping and camping

Even though glamping and camping both involve tents and the great outdoors, they could not be more different. 

The main difference is that glamping is much more comfortable than camping is. if you book a glamping getaway through a company, you will be provided with private bathrooms, living areas, amenities like televisions and closets, and even features like hot-tubs or saunas. 

What's difference between glamping and camping? COMFORT.

One of the things that set camping apart from glamping is that the latter usually involves more time taken on details. 

For example, you can make your camping setup glamorous by adding simple touches like fairy lights, pretty rugs and throw pillows and outdoor decors like a wind chime or dreamcatcher. 

DIY Glamping Ideas

Bring comfy bedding

One of the worst parts of camping has got to be roughing it in sleeping bags every night. Trying to get to sleep is near impossible, and waking up cold every few hours is anything but pleasant. 

Up there with our best glamping ideas is bringing your comfiest bedding with you on a trip. This means plush cushions, thick blankets, and a mattress thick enough to protect you from the hard ground. 

A glamping bed doesn't have to mean splashing out on anything special: the bedding you usually use at home will be more than good enough to provide comfort and homeliness to your camp tent.

A comfortable bed will revolutionize your glamping experience and help you to settle in much quicker. For best results, why not pack a pair of fluffy slippers and an ambient lamp as well?

What would a glamping be if you don't get a comfortable and cozy bed?

Add luxury touches

Just because camping is a temporary situation, doesn't mean you have to lower your standards of living!

Lots of people think that they hate the great outdoors all because they have to go without household items that they are used to. When planning a glamping trip, think of all the things you can't do without, and then pack them! It really is that simple.

For some, this may mean a table-cloth over your camping table, or it may be some good reading material to whittle away the afternoons with. Whatever it may be, it is worth the extra space it will take up in your bag, trust us. 

Add extra touches of luxury in your tent

Make a living area

Having space where everyone can chill out and spend time together is what is often missing on camp trips, and is an easy form of DIY glamping. 

Creating a living area only requires a few steps. Firstly, try and get everyone in your group to provide a piece of furniture, such as a camp chair, hammock, or table. Next, bring a few finishing touches from home to add a sense of style and comfort. 

There are no limits to what this could be, but typical glamping décor includes decorative vases or flowers, radios, speakers, or portable television sets. Nothing major needs to be brought along or purchased to turn your camp-site into a glamp-site - just have some fun and get creative with it.

Cook gourmet food

Eating delicious food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with ample snacks and coffee in-between

Even though tinned food can be a nostalgic and enjoyable part of the camping experience, it gets old pretty quickly. 

A great glamping idea is to make sure that everyone is eating delicious food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with ample snacks and coffee in-between! By writing a shopping list and buying everything beforehand, you will be able to plan for each day and make sure no food goes to waste.

You can easily bring along coolers, camping stoves, and kitchen utensils with you, so there is no excuse to not be cooking up a storm. To make it a little more fun, ask each camper to cook for everyone else in the group each night.

Provide entertainment

Glamping Activity

Now, when we say entertainment, we don't mean a full day's schedule or anything that comes with a high price-tag. 

One of the best parts of glamping is the feeling of luxury and comfort, which can easily be provided with an assortment of DVDs to play, your favorite board game, or even a pack of cards. Pair this with a cozy living area, and you have the perfect way to spend those balmy summer evenings.

If you're after something for the entire family to enjoy, then there are plenty of games and activities that can add some luxury to your trip. You could bring along a projector and host a movie night, or dust off the rackets and teach your kids tennis skills.

Use the right tent

You simply cannot get the full experience glamping in a poorly-designed 1-man tent that has been made with the cheapest materials. 

A canvas tent is more than suitable for those working within a budget, but make sure that it is waterproof, easy to set up, and large enough to accommodate all of your glamping needs. 

Ideally, your set-up will have some kind of porch that can be used for storage and to relax in, have separate compartments for bedroom and living areas, and be appropriate for use in all 4 seasons.

Glamping tent

Why go glamping?

Glamping will be an experience that you will never forget. It is a unique way to experience nature without having to negotiate on your enjoyment. 

There is really no reason not to upgrade your trip with DIY glamping ideas: the extra effort is more than worth it and means you can retain a sense of freedom that you won't get with other vacation accommodations such as a hotel or apartment building. 

There is a misconception that camping has to mean getting down and dirty and dealing with things like bugs, mud, and bad weather. 

We're here to tell you that is not the case. Become a glamper, and you'll see that you don't have to sacrifice what makes you happy in order to get the benefits of camping.

One of the unique benefits of DIY glamping is that it means you can vacation in virtually any place you want. All you have to do is pitch your tent in the spot you like the look of, sit back, and relax!


What should I buy for glamping?

There are no particular items that you have to buy if you want to go glamping. With what you have around the house you should be able to upgrade your experience for free!

However, if you want to invest in some luxury, then there is a whole range of glamping products available. 

You can purchase glamping tents, which have been specifically designed with a stylish camper in mind. These are usually equipped with multiple rooms, a host of amenities, as well as a comfortable bed. 

Other items that can be bought for glamping use include an air mattress, pillows and throws, and lights such as fairy lights and rope lighting. 

We recommend bringing along a few things that feel essential to you, and what this looks like is different for everyone.

How do I make my campsite look good?

There are many ways that you can make your campsite look good, no matter what this means to you. By designating different areas in the camp such as a makeshift kitchen or living room, you can really create a luxury and attractive site. 

Even the smallest of ideas can make a campsite look so much better, as it's the extra effort and thought that goes into decorating that makes the biggest difference.

Our top picks include hanging some fairy lights and lanterns around the site to create a cozy and warm atmosphere and giving your camp a homely look with the addition of rugs and blankets.

How do you make a glamping tent?

To make a glamping tent, all you need is a bit of creativity and style. 

Have a think about something you simply can't live without - this might be your snug bed, your laptop, or your coffee in the mornings. The next step is to bring those essentials along with you! 

The great thing about DIY glamping is that you can make your trip feel more luxurious in whatever way suits you best, and if this means packing up your bedding then so be it! Trust us, the other campers will thank you for it when they get to have a nap in your tent. 

Having an ambient atmosphere in your tent will also upgrade it from feeling uninviting and bare to somewhere you want to relax after a long day of exploring nature. 

By far the easiest means to do this is to set up some lights around the place and bring along a radio or speaker so you can have your favorite tunes playing.

Do glamping tents have toilets?

If you book to go on a glampers trip through an official company, there will be luxury accommodation options that come with toilets. 

If you choose to go down the DIY glamping route, the chances are that your tent will not have a toilet! However, there are a few ways you can make the outdoor-bathroom situation a little more appealing. 

Firstly, you can purchase a shower tent, which allows for privacy, warm running water, and can be used as dressing rooms or toilets as well as showers. Alternatively, you could make the camp communal toilets feel a bit more comfortable by bringing along toiletries from home.

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