How to Repair and Replace an Inflatable Tent Tube

It's not a good feeling when you're setting up an air tent, and the air tube starts to leak.

The air tube is a vital part of any inflatable tent. It functions as the beam that supports the roof and walls, so when it goes out, you need a replacement with another air tube or to make repairs. This tube is very important, as it allows for easy inflation and deflation of the tent.

If your air tent has gone through a lot of use or abuse, then there's a good chance that you will need to replace the air tube at some point. Even the best airbeam tent is going to need some TLC with heavy use.

No matter what type of repair work is required, Read through our helpful guide and get back to camping in no time!

Is it Possible to Repair inflatable Tent Tubes?

There are several ways to fix an air tube. Replacing the entire tube may be necessary if it has a significant puncture, but sometimes that can easily be avoided with temporary repairs. Please note that inflatable bubble tents are a different story - this article only focuses on standard air tents.

Temporary fixes can include repairing the inflatable tent tube while still inside the tents, using tape or glue to patch holes caused by small holes and tears in seams, or using repair patches and replacement tube for larger leaks in the outer tube.

How to Repair An Inflatable Tent Tube

There are many ways to air tube repair. The most common type of repair is re-sealing the punctured area with a valve cover.

You should always use the same material that you initially used when inflating it for the patch. The mostly common materials include vinyl tape, rubber cement sealant, and heavy-duty electrical tapes like Duct tape.

If you are repairing PVC pipe, you can couple parts together or glue them and use heat shrinking tubing.

There are a few steps you can take to repair it on your own! Read below to learn how to repair your inflatable tent tube:

How to Repair An Inflatable Tent Tube
  1. Deflate the beams. Remove the internal bladder air tube.
  2. Check the valve. Look for cracks in it or wear on the threads. These are signs of damage that can cause leaks around this area.
  3. Determine the source of the leaks. Find the hole location on the air bladder tubbing, use an alcohol swab, and clean around that area to remove any dirt or debris blocking the hole. Once this has been done, make sure there are no other holes on the surface of your air beam tube before repairing it with a patch kit.
  4. Apply a patch to repair the hole. The items you need are adhesive-backed fabric tape which is the same as you'd use for a bicycle inner tube puncture; place and smooth out patches over any holes or tears in your air tube and make sure there are no air bubbles before inflating them again with a pump.
  5. Check for leaks by holding up your hand over the repaired area as you inflate air into it and listen for hissing sounds that indicate a leak in your new sealant job, and inspect for leaks again after 24 hours to make sure everything is still sealed properly.
  6. If everything looks okay, take care not to over-inflate the tube in case it breaks. Check the valves for air pressure before you pump it up so that they don't break.

How to Replace Inflatable Tent Air Tube

When you're camping, it's not always easy to replace your inflatable tent air tube. But with this simple guide, you'll be able to have a new inflatable tent air tube in no time!

3 Steps to Replace Inflatable Tent Air Tube
  1. Deflate the beams. In order to deflate the beam and pack your inflated tent sleeve, simply unzip one side of the sleeve at a time and then squeeze out any remaining air.
  2. Cut the cable ties and unzip the cover from the inflatable tent.
  3. Pull the valve through the polyester casing hole, and replace the bladder; keep in mind to twist back on firmly between zip and bladder so that no beam leaks occur.

Why Should I Buy Spare Air Tubes for My Tent?

It's not hard to see why many campers invest in a spare air tube for their tent. Punctures indeed happen, and if you're camping with children or pets, then this can be all the more likely.

Not only do these products make your life easier when it comes to replacing them quickly, but they also ensure that you are never left without shelter should one of your other air tubes fail in any way.

In addition to this, purchasing a spare air tube can often save money on emergency repairs later down the line because they allow you time to get back home and replace the damaged part before it becomes an even bigger problem.


Do inflatable tents puncture?

Unfortunately, it's difficult to do much about the risk of puncture.

You should always check for sharp objects before placing your inflatable tent on grass or other potentially rough surfaces and store your inflatable on a tarp when not in use.

You should always check for sharp objects before placing your Rips and punctures in your inflatable tent can be just as dangerous; if it's not patched or repaired properly, a tear in the fabric can lead to a much larger hole in no time at all. tent on grass or other potentially rough surfaces and store your inflatable on a tarp when not in use.

How do you fix an air tube beam?

Simply follow the 6 steps above for a clean, effective repair?

Can air tents burst?

Air tents are just like any other tent in that they do have the potential to burst, but this usually does not happen at all if you pay attention to the maximum pressure details for the air beam.


Camping is an experience that many people love, but they may not know how to set up their air tent. If your inflatable tent has a leaky air tube or you need to replace it.

Tubes are a critical part of your inflatable tent. Without them, you can’t enjoy the comfort and protection of your tent.

Unfortunately, sometimes these tubes get damaged or puncture while camping. When that happens, they need to be repaired or replaced immediately in order to avoid any damage to the rest of the inflatable tent, and make sure you can pitch the inflatable tent safely in the future.

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How to Repair and Replace an Inflatable Tent Tube
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