Sleeping Bag Cost (Explained for Beginners)

The price range you can expect to pay for a sleeping bag, from a budget synthetic to a sub-zero down model


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Sleeping bags are essential outdoor gear and a must-have for those camping during cold seasons or in a cold environment.

If you're considering buying a sleeping bag for your camping trip, knowing how much sleeping bags cost will help you determine how much you're going to budget for a sleeping bag so you can buy the best sleeping bag based on your budget.

how much does sleeping bag cost

Luckily, sleeping bags are available across different budgets, so you can get a sleeping bag that fits your budget and matches your requirements. But how much does a sleeping bag cost?

A sleeping bag can cost between $20 for a basic summer bag to over $1,000. The price will vary depending on the type, insulation, size, and sleeping bag temperature rating, among others. Down sleeping bags are typically more expensive than synthetic sleeping bags. Likewise, a sleeping bag with lower temperature ratings tends to be more costly than a sleeping bag with higher temperature ratings.

To help you better understand how much most sleeping bags cost, we will dive deeper into the factors that determine the price of sleeping bags, the average price across different sleeping bags categories, and answer some frequently asked questions.

Let's dive in.

Which Factors Determine the Cost of Sleeping Bags?

To better understand the cost of sleeping bags, it's essential to understand the factors that determine their price. Understanding these factors will make it easier to decide which sleeping bag you will buy and what you should expect.

Some of the factors that determine the price of a sleeping bag include:

Which Factors Determine the Cost of Sleeping Bags


Insulation is one of the top factors that determine the cost of a sleeping bag. A down sleeping bag is typically more expensive than a synthetic bag, and the price will vary depending on the amount of down used in the sleeping bag and the materials used in the shell.

Additionally, the price will vary depending on the global supply of down and the increase in popularity across the globe.

Temperature Rating

Temperature rating is another top factor that determines the cost of sleeping bags. Typically, the lower the temperature rating a sleeping bag has, the more expensive the sleeping bag will be. This is because sleeping bags with a low-temperature rating (winter sleeping bags) will require a lot more filling, insulation, quality materials, among others, to make them warm enough to withstand extreme cold weather.

Sometimes you may even need a sleeping bag liner to stay warm enough.


The type of material, nylon, cotton taffeta, silk, shell fabrics used in making a sleeping bag can also impact the price of the sleeping bag. Some of these materials, like shell fabric, are typically more premium and often found in a more expensive sleeping bag.

Also, the more sturdy and durable the sleeping bag materials are, the more expensive the sleeping bag will be.

‘Tis the Season

Sleeping bags fall into three categories; summer, three-season, and four-season (winter) bags. The price can significantly vary depending on the season and temperature ratings of the sleeping bag.

A summer sleeping bag is the cheapest, while three-season sleeping bags are more expensive and protect against the cold temperatures that can dip below freezing. Four-season sleeping bags are generally the most expensive in this category due to the added insulation and high-tech materials.

Dimension of the Bag

The dimensions of sleeping bags also directly affect their cost. The broader and more spacious a sleeping bag is, the more the sleeping bag will cost due to the number of materials used in making the sleeping bag.

How Much Do Sleeping Bags Cost?

Now that you have an idea about the factors that determine the cost of a sleeping bag let's take a look at the price range of sleeping bags based on their types and categories.

A man inspects a sleeping bag before purchasing it.

1. Cost of Down Sleeping Bags

Down insulation is derived from duck or goose plumage and offers the most efficient insulation in a sleeping bag.

Compared to other types of sleeping insulations, a down sleeping bag will be more expensive than a synthetic sleeping bag, and the insulation is what adds to their cost 

The cost of a down sleeping bag will vary depending on the insulation rating, as the higher the rating, the warmer the bag insulation will be.

A Down sleeping bag will cost anywhere between $90 - $1,000, and above depending on the quality, size, temperature rating, and other factors stated above.

2. Cost of Synthetic Sleeping Bags

Synthetic sleeping bags usually consist of polyester materials like insulation is more affordable when compared to Down sleeping bags.

Apart from the low price tag, polyester material is also durable and water-resistant, which is one of the reasons many people prefer synthetic sleeping bags over a down sleeping bag.

An excellent synthetic sleeping will usually be anywhere between $50 and above, although you can find them at a lower price. But the price will vary based on the amount of insulation, quality, durability, among others.

3. Cost of Summer Sleeping Bags

Summer sleeping bags are specifically designed to provide you with ample ventilation and are only ideal for summer camping.

Summer sleeping bags have a temperature rating of around  30°F so that they can provide you with proper ventilation during the summer months.

A summer sleeping bag can cost as low as $20, but the price can go above depending on the materials and insulation.

4. Cost of Three-Season Sleeping Bags

A three-season sleeping bag is suitable for fall, spring, summer (three-season camping) and has a temperature rating between 15°F to 30°F and above. 

You can use three-season sleeping bags for camping in all these three seasons, and they have different features such as hoods draft tubes, among others.

A good three-season sleeping bag will cost anywhere between $20 to $75 depending on the insulation, materials, temperature ratings, and so on.

5. Cost of Four-Season Sleeping Bags

A man sleeping inside a tent while wearing a four-season sleeping bag.

Four-season sleeping bags can cope with three seasons at higher mountain altitudes that can become extremely cold at night, typically at a temperature as low as -10°C.

A good four-season sleeping bag (winter sleeping bags) will cost a minimum of $50 and cost as high as $1,000 and above depending on the size, materials, and type.

6. Cost of Mummy Style Sleeping Bags

Mummy bags will keep you warm either by trapping your body heat or insulating you from the outside air.

Traditional mummy bags offer plenty of space to ensure heat is trapped inside the bag and have a tampering bottom design.

A mummy-style sleeping bag can cost as low as $20 depending on the insulation, temperature rating, and materials of the sleeping bag.

7. Cost of Rectangular Sleeping Bags

A woman lies on the ground wearing a rectangle sleeping bag

Just from the name, rectangular sleeping bags are rectangular and don't have any tapering or unique design.

They are one of the cheapest sleeping bags, costing as low as $18, but are not very suitable for extremely cold weather conditions. However, if you're looking for a perfect rectangular sleeping bag, you should be looking at a price range of $50 and above.

8. Cost of Double Sleeping Bags

If you're looking for a sleeping bag that has enough space to fit you and your partner, double sleeping bags will suit your needs.

Not only can a double sleeping bag be used by two people, but they are also separable, making them pretty popular.

A double sleeping bag can cost anywhere, starting at $35 and above, depending on insulation, materials, and the specifications you want.

9. Cost of Single Sleeping Bags

These are a pretty general category and include different sleeping bags, including mummy bags, rectangular, semi-rectangular, and other sleeping bags that can only fit one person.

These sleeping bags can cost anywhere, starting at $18 depending on the type, insulation, materials, and temperature rating.

Final Thoughts - What’s the Average Price of a Sleeping Bag?

Now you are fully aware of the price range of sleeping bags and the factors that determine the cost of sleeping bags.

You can quickly get a new sleeping bag for your camping adventure for as low as $18, depending on your budget and the type (rectangular or mummy bag) of sleeping bag you need.

However, if you're looking for the average price for a good and quality sleeping bag, you should be looking in the $50 range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a Sleeping Bag Necessary?

This will depend on various factors such as the situation, location, and the weather condition you'll be camping in. For example, if you are car-camping or camping in not-so-cold weather, you may not need a sleeping bag.

In some situations, your camping tent and a blanket may even be enough, and you'll not need to sleep in a sleeping bag.

How Long Are Sleeping Bags Good For?

How long are sleeping bag will be good for will depend on many factors such as the quality of the bag, how often you use it, how you store it, and how you take care of it.

On average, you can expect your sleeping bag to be still good after four years, depending on the insulation; a Down sleeping bag typically lasts longer than a synthetic bag, but it all depends on how you take care of it.

What Is the Best Type of Sleeping Bag?

3 Shapes of Sleeping Bag

Semi-rectangular and mummy-style sleeping bags are probably the best sleeping bags. These bags are usually more fitting, provides maximum heat retention, have built-in hoods, and keep you warm at night

A semi-rectangular sleeping bag aims to provide a perfect balance between roominess and warmth so that you can stay comfortable and have enough space to wiggle for the sake of body heat retention.

On the other hand, a mummy-style sleeping bag is meant to fit snugly and is all about warmth. They have a fitted shape that provides maximum heat retention and keeps you warm in extreme cold weather conditions. Mummy-shaped sleeping bags are also lighter than other sleeping bag types and are popular among backpackers.

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