How To Connect Two Tents Together

How to connect two tents together

Camping in larger groups can offer you some of the best camping experiences of your life.

Whether you are at your favorite music festival or just a summer trip, a large group can truly enhance your adventure. But sometimes you just need a little more space or a shared area to spend time together. Which is exactly what connecting two tents can achieve.

Connecting tents together doesn't need to be a struggle, especially not when you follow our handy guide below. So whether you are an avid camper or you just like the idea of a family camping trip If you want to connect your tents up, you can find out exactly how to connect two tents together below!

Why Would You Want To Connect Two Tents Together?

Connecting two tents to each other is a great idea if you are wanting to camp with multiple people but you don't own a tent big enough for you all. For example, connecting multiple tents during a festival or family camping trip is a great way to enhance your trip together.

If you are wanting a larger tent experience without splashing out on a 10 man tent, then connecting your tent with a friends' or family member's tent is exactly what you need. There are also other great benefits to hooking your tents up such as the ability to split up your gear so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Different Methods To Connect Two Tents Together

Now you know why you may be wondering how to connect two tents together. There are a few different methods you can use to connect your tents together. Below are some of the most popular methods!

1. Purchase tents that are able to be connected to each other

Pod Tent Interconnecting Tents

Although most tents will be able to connect together, some have been specifically designed to offer you an easy method to achieve this. Before you spend money on your main tent, try to find ones that are compatible with each other.

Some specific compatibility features to look out for are similar brands or camping tents that come with a tarp hallway. You may also want to check what other tents your friends and family have as they may have one that is only compatible with a specific type of tent.

2. Attach the doors of the tents

A great method if your tent has more than one door is to connect the doors of two tents. By connecting the tent doors together you will be able to create a clean passage from one tent to another. This offers you an easy and straightforward method of hooking up two tents.

If your tents use roller doors simply roll them up to the top and keep them help in place using a cord or a similar binding object. You can then push the tents near each other and connect the entrances using binder clips.

However, only try this if both tents have more than one door. If your chosen tents only have one door each then you won't be able to exit your tent if they are connected together in this way.

3. Cover the doors of the smaller tent with the larger ones

If you happen to have at least one tent that is larger than most other tents, you can use this to create a shared space. This is best achieved by using a canopy-style tent, or one that features multiple sections.

To do this, simply place the door of the larger tent over the door of your smaller camping tent. This will allow people to enter and exit the shared space easily. However, also make sure you have a door somewhere that allows you to exit this space.

You can even hook up multiple larger tents using binder clips to create a shared sleeping space and use a tarp to add makeshift tunnels. This can be a great idea for kids as they will feel like their sleeping tent is a giant play area with their friends!

4. Use a tarpaulin

Ideal if you have two tents that only have a single door each. This method requires you to face the doors towards each other, then using a tarpaulin sheet to create a conjoined passageway. As the sides of the passage will be left empty, you can easily exit your tents with minimal fuss.

This way offers you a great way for connecting tents without the hassle of ensuring they are compatible with each other. Use a tarp if you have two incompatible tents and you don't feel like forking out for new tents that are completely compatible with each other.

Another great advantage of this method is you can use the covered ground between the tents as storage space or a place to eat. As the tarp is covering you from rain and other weather conditions, it will create an ideal makeshift picnic area.

Using a tarpaulin is a great way to connect two tents together that would otherwise be incompatible. Just make sure that your tents are stable and held up with stakes otherwise your tarp may fall!

5. Invest in a pole marquee tent

Pole Marquee Tent (2)

Pole Marquee Tent. (Image credit: "Traditional tent" by David Higgs on Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0)

Although slightly more expensive than other methods featured, a pole marquee tent is a great way to enhance your camping experience. A pole marquee tent is an incredible way to create a shared social space for all your friends.

To achieve this shared social space, simply place your tent door so that it faces directly into the marquee tent. You can then add any other tents you want to this area by facing their entrances towards the marquee tent too!

Just make sure you leave an exit for the marquee center tent as you don't want to be trapped inside.

The Benefits Of Connecting Two Tents Together

Connecting Two Tents Together What are the Benefits

People can go to sleep at their own times

Any camper will tell you, the most frustrating aspect of sharing one tent between multiple people is the need to always go to sleep at the same time. If you want to stay up later than your other campmates, you may end up getting into trouble disturbing them as you creep your way inside.

This can be completely avoided if you connect two tents together. Split the tents up so you each have your own sleeping area. No more waking up your family if you want to stay up late, just quietly climb into your own sleeping space!

Organize and separate gear easier

Combining multiple tents is a great way to offer more storage space to anyone who is involved in your camping trip. You can also organize it in a set way so that you can designate certain areas for certain items letting you find what you are looking for faster than usual.

This is even better if you have more than two tents together as you can designate an entire tent just to be your storage area. No more dumping everything in the trunk of your car, consider brushing off the webs of that old tent in your attic and connecting it to your main tent on your next summer trip.

Create a homely feel while camping

A big advantage of connecting multiple tents is that you can create a homely feel at your favorite campsites. Tents connected together will create a large communal space that can keep you all closer together throughout the camping adventure.

You can also designate different tents like you would rooms in a home, leaving the children to have their own space and the adults a place to chat at night. Bring some cushions, snacks, and even a projector, and host your own movie night in the shared area!

How to Connect two tents together
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