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'We' are Todd and Dana, veterans of the outdoor life and all it has to offer. 

Todd Perry

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When you grow up almost within site of the famous Bridal Veil Falls in Colorado, one thing's for sure: you'll be addicted to mountains and trails before you're out of diapers.

Todd kept feeding his outdoor habit after relocating to the UK, where he worked in corporate development into his thirties. He gained a love for the slightly damper, but no less beautiful British countryside whie he was at it.

Now back Stateside with his wife and two kids, he's doing his best to ensure they see as many mountain streams as livestreams. He's just about getting the hang of this Facebook thing now.

Dana Miller

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Dana has been hiking, camping, and spending most of her time outdoors since she was a toddler. Raised in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, she spent her days exploring in the mountains and her summers travelling to Montana’s national parks. As an adult, she lives in Portland, Oregon and spends as much time as possible outside enjoying all the Pacific Northwest has to offer. She’s particularly fond of trail running around Timothy Lake, then jumping in for a refreshing swim.

Dana is one of our review writers and has been writing professionally for over a decade. By day, she works as a content marketing specialist for an international tech company. She also owns and operates her own creative freelance service where she specializes in copywriting and web design.

You can find her on Instagram at @danasheabird

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